Payperpost, Google, page rank, paid links and the debate.

Did you know that many bloggers who get paid to blog are suffering from dramatic page rank drops? Do you know why? It is because of Google’s rules about “passing page rank” through paid links.

Payperpost is a great way for bloggers to get paid for writing but questions have been raised about whether or not they are asking you to break google’s “passing page rank” rules. Some payperpost writers claim that using “rel=nofollow” in the html for sponsored links is against the payperpost terms of service. Not using it will surely impact your page rank and may even get your sites removed from google so what decision will you make? Which one is more ethical? Are you looking to make money or to provide helpful content to web users, do you have to choose one or the other?
I thought the goal of payperpost was to create internet “buzz” for advertisers and to refer readers to opportunities that were relevant and useful to the target audience. I didn’t think payperpost was a round-about way for advertisers to buy page rank and optimal search engine placement.

Yes, I know that many people are saying that google page rank means nothing anymore and that they are “a soft monopoly” that is loosing respect and creditability over all this. I am just not sure if I believe it just yet. Google is my preferred search engine and they do have many users who believe their results are the best, besides I do get over half of my traffic from their search results!

I guess it all goes back to what we believe is the best type of search results. Do you like your results to be free of paid results and do you think paid results are often irrelevant, do you care? Do you think that advertisers who pay for publicity should also benefit from preferred search engine placement?

Shouldn’t their be a way for the small businesses and the “great content” producers to get into the search engines without having to pay and arm and a leg for publicity? What are your thoughts about all this and where do you think the coin will fall?

Their are some great debates going on about the google/ payperpost saga that you can read about on the payperpost forums. This is a very controversial topic and each blogger has to decide which way they will go.

Additionally, any site owner that chooses to place advertisements on their site for personal gain should consider the pros and cons very carefully! For more reading on the paid links/ page rank issue check out these sites:

I can't sit idle, I am always working on something…

Just finished a ton of work on this blog! Some of you may remember my affiliation with PayPerPost back in the day. The idea was to try out sponsored blog post writing, you know to make money off the blog and my writing efforts.

It went well for a while. I made a few hundred dollars during the year and it did pay some of the bills but I learned that my affiliation with them would impact my google page rank. See how I have no page rank as of the date I wrote this post?

I did research on paid posts, page rank, learned stuff, formed my opinions and decided to try sticking it out with PayPerPost since they seemed like they were working to bring in advertisers who weren’t looking for blogs with page rank since hardly any PayPerPost bloggers had page rank anymore.

Also PayPerPost was making claims that they were working to clean out the junk blogs and imporve the quality of bloggers using their service. One thing I noticed a ton of was fellow bloggers on PayPerPost who weren’t managing quality blogs, they were just creating blog so that they could take opportunities and to make money. Their blogs were not targeting any audience or providing any real benefit to anyone but the advertisers who were paying them for nofollow free links which is unethical in paid post advertising (in my opinion).

Plus my own blog’s readers and traffic had really grown a ton and to me the quality and target audience of PayPerPost’s paid opportunities just wasn’t worth tarnishing my blog or annoying my readers anymore. Sure when you get like 20 hits a day it doesn’t matter if you take a paid post for a sheistey (sp?) dating site but when your daily traffic is over 300 hits it is a different story.

So here’s to you my 50+ regular readers and my 200+ readers who arrive here via google everyday, you helped me grow and stuck with me through the process. I’ve kicked PayPerPost to the curb and will continue striving to provide some real quality content to the web to benefit you!

Now I am looking at other ways to monetize this blog. I’ve already got adsense going and amazon referrals and I would love to get on with BlogHer but they aren’t taking new publishers right now… So I’ll just focus my money making efforts in other areas like on and also on these two pages I’ve created (Alternative Health Zone and Alternative Birthing Zone).

I love to stay busy! Got any blog monitization tips, traffic improving ideas or questions about all this for me?


Update: 8pm 1/26/2009

We are forecasted for some severe winter weather according to N’s station’s dooms-day weather coverage. Apparently we are going to be getting some inches of snow (big freaking deal!!)…

The real worry is about freezing rain/ ice storms that could leave many without power. No power means no internet 🙁 I think our gas heat and stove will still work unless ice storms can take out natural gas supply too… Hmm. It seems like forecasters and people in general just freak out over nothing weather wise here. We’ll see if the ice storm happens though.

If you are weather curious you can see a current video of our conditions here. I have a few scheduled posts so you wont notice a lack of content here if we do loose power but you can check my twitter page to see if I am alive or not. Also our current weather forcast is here. Wanna take bets of weather or not the ice will happen? Better yet go place your baby weight bet here!

Blogger Resources

You have arrived at the Blogger Resources page of my blog, welcome! The following articles may be of interest to you and your won blogging endeavors:

  • Make money writing blog posts– I am experimenting with I have been trying new ways to earn money writing. I would love to be able to write articles and focus on my online business all form the comfort of my home.

I am a member of webrings other communities like these:

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Blogger money making opportunities

So, I am experimenting with I have been trying new ways to earn money writing. I would love to be able to write articles and focus on my online business all form the comfort of my home. During my writing opportunity research I heard about and thought it would be cool to get paid for doing what I already do, writing blog entries.

Writing is my way of sharing and learning new things. I write about my bulb gardening hobby and about so many other things. Now if we all got paid for writing about these interests how nice would that be?

The key to making money with your blog is to write things that your readers actually care about. There is not point to writing a blog that nobody reads, right?

Yet, I have seen so many blogs that do nothing but post about the things they are getting paid to talk about.. This is fine but do people really care about what you are getting paid to write about? helps to eliminate this type of writing by screening the blog site and it’s content before letting people try to earn money. The catch for me is going to be finding things to write about (for that are of interest to me and my readers!

I don’t think it is going to be too hard considering has so many different opportunities for bloggers to take part in, every blogger is sure to find something that their readers are interested in that they can get paid for writing about. So, this is my adventure!

I am posting this because many of you have blogs of your own and because many of you are already trying to earn money doing what you are already doing, by writing! If you think you may be interested in finding out more I have included a link and button to get you started. Just wanted to share my thoughts on this in case anyone was interested.


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