Wild Salmon Fillets from Walmart are nasty! (are they even salmon?)

The nasty salmon has struck again! Last month I shared my theroy about how a piece of fish I ate that was supposed to be salmon was clearly not salmon. Well the fillets were the last ones in the freezer and we had already thrown the packaging away so we just moved on with life and got over it.

Well this week for dinner I discovered another never opened bag of frozen salmon fillets in the freezer so I made some for dinner. I remembered the previous nasty “salmon” experience but didn’t want to make a big deal about it, I was hoping it was just a fluke… I still had a bad taste in my mouth (more cheeky N humor comes out) as a result of the salmon experience though so while cooking the salmon I snapped this photo because it still appeared to be unusually white unlike the salmon we were used to in Arizona.

I made the salmon with wine and lemon pepper seasoning on the stove top since I remembered our previous nasty salmon was microwave cooked and I wanted to see if cooking meathod played a role it how it turned out.  I also made up yummy rice and asparagus to complete the meal.

When N sank his teeth in to the first bite of salmon he yelled “Eww! This is not salmon” before I even brought up or previous bad salmon experience. I laughed of course because the last time we had salmon I was the one thinking it tasted strange and he didn’t believe me and preceded to eat his whole fillet and also mine that I rejected. Now he is a believer in the nasty crossbreed salmon !

We each only ate one bite of salmon before deciding it was really bad news. We at our rice and asparagus and N had some leftovers in place of the salmon. N also took a photo of the nasty salmon and agreed with me that it tasted to rubbery in consistency like cod or scallops (no the texture is not a result of my cooking either!).

After taking photos we pulled the packaging because we are quite particular about the types of foods we buy. We always look to see if it is natural and free of injections and what not. We got this salmon at the local super walmart and choose it because it said the salmon was wild and also all natural. Normally we don’t buy meats from walmart since they can be questionable but this tuff looked promising, it was cheaper and we are really trying to save on groceries right now since we have to save so much to pay for Tater’s birth out of pocket.

Anyway, we are regretting buying the walmart salmon now! Here is a scan of the packaging it came in, click the image to see a larger version that you can zoom in on.

Shoot, the packaging even says the Marine Stewardship Council certified the fishery so it should be good right? The we saw upon further inspection that the fish actually came from China, N remarks about the ocean pollution there and says it is no wonder this fish tastes so odd.

Other than the Marine Stewardship Council the packaging also references The Fishin’ Company and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. We’ll be writing all 3 companies with our complaints about this product. If you come across it in the store stay away! If you’ve got a similar complaint or comment about the product feel free to share it in the comments!

I hope this review and the comments help steer other people from the strange fillets. I am not kidding they are really bad and simply cannot be real salmon! Man, we are not happy about the lack of natural food stores here in Evansville.

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