The chiropractor said what you never want to hear at 30 weeks pregnant…

I went to the chiropractor with Everly in tow this morning. I’ve been lucky to not be in dire need of frequent chiropractic adjustments over the course of this pregnancy like I did with Everly.

I managed to go a whole additional trimester without chiropractic help this time around but as soon as the 3rd trimester hit so did the hip and tailbone pain so I sucked it up and made the appointment to be snap-crackle-popped and put back together, for the sake of my toddler and myself.

I’ll admit the idea of attending appointments with Everly along (and without an extra set of hands) is daunting. Luckily she’s a good girl. The most exciting part of the trip was her remarking “oh no, ouchie” as I was adjusted and of course the story I am about to tell you.

So, just after I was all adjusted and heading out of the chiropractor’s office he looked down and the floor near our feet and told me we were leaking.

“Um, you are leaking there”, he said as he pointed to the floor near my feet.

My first thought was “oh crap, Everly’s diaper is leaking on his floor?” then I quickly thought, “Damn, I better not be the one leaking” as I looked down between my legs. Meaning my water just broke OR I just wet myself. Both are quite likely in this point of pregnancy and would royally suck.

We all had a nice chuckle about his vague leakage statement and I remarked that I better not be leaking since I’ve got about 10 weeks of pregnancy to go while this little one finishes growing and preparing for the outside world.

I was joking with Nathan last night about how it would figure if I had some issue at today’s visit and he wasn’t there to help out. He would have to drive a whole hour from work just to get to us if need be…

Turns out Everly’s sippy cup inside her Elmo lunch box was leaking water. It was not pregnancy leakage or cloth diaper blowout, thankfully.

I am certain today’s phrase can be safely filed under the things a 30 week pregnant lady never wants to hear. Don’t tell a preggo she is leaking if you don’t want to give her a heart attack. Thanks Dr. Lamb for the chuckle and for the blog post material!

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