Trying to get good at the new Wii is hard!

For those of us old school video game children getting used to the newest and greatest video game systems is hard stuff. On Christmas night after N got off work we sat down and started playing the new Wii for the first time. Actually, N got to play Wii at a holiday party earlier this month so he had some more experience than me.

The bowling game was easy to pick up on for me but the pool game was hard stuff! Literally it took me 20 minutes to figure out how to hit the cue ball! N was laughing his butt off the whole time and I was getting super frustrated.

The Wii is tons of fun! We haven’t busted out the Wii Fit yet, we’ll have tons to keep us occupied this weekend! Oh, N was nice enough to make a video of me struggling with the Wii for your viewing pleasure, enjoy!

Have a laugh this weekend okay?

I know I have been in need of a good laugh these days, so is Sarcastic Mom, Tapthatmom, Becky and many other bloggers out there. This time of year is tough for many and with added economic stress and other crapola things just can get plain ole sucky sometimes.

A good laugh really does help though! So watch this video from beginning to end and have a chuckle on me okay? *hugs*

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Do you stumbleupon? Need a laugh?

I have been having fun with stumbleupon and couldn’t help but wonder how many of my bloggy friends were fellow stumblers… So do you stumble? If so will you add me to your friends list and say hello?

I just got sent this funny video of a reporter who stood at the bottom of a sledding hill for his live shot, he got creamed! I sent it to those of you on stubleupon with me.

Reporter Owned By Sled – Watch more free videos

Mothers day weekend – part 2, snakes, oh my!

Several years back we got my mom these two chicks. They were a mothers day/ birthday gift (her birthday is very close to mothers day) and she was so surprised. Turns out we got her silkies (a specific breed of chicken), a male and female. Years later she has a whole bunch of chickens. Her silkies mated and reproduced, some died, new chickens were introduced, the mated and reproduced. She has quite the flock going. Problem is she has too many roosters.

A rooster need to have about 10 hens to himself and multiple roosters in a small space with limited hens means fighting over mates or overly abusing the few mating hens. My mom is facing the “too many roosters” issue right now.

She lives in a community called New River here in Arizona, it is in the heart of the desert. We were heading out to the chicken coup to see the hens who were suffered from overly aggressive/ frequent mating. Their wings were plucked bare and the roosters spurs were had dug hole in the hens sides.. Anyway, my mom was taking me out to see the flock and as we approached the coup I spotted this.

It is a very young rattle snake resting under a rock! As a native Arizonan I have been conditioned to always look at the ground and to scan several feet in front of you as you tromp through the dessert. Snake bites are not a fun thing to experience and if you aren’t aware of what you are walking near or on then you will get bit.

So I spotted the snake under the rock as we were approaching the chicken coup and stopped dead in my tracks. If I hadn’t been looking I would have stepped right on top of the rock the snake was resting under. This might have resulted in a nasty bite, not a great way to spend mothers day weekend!

I reached out and stopped my mom from walking any closer, burned my hand on her lit cigarette and we called for the men to come move the snake from the chicken coup, not before taking some photos and videos though!

I entered a contest for my mom over at If you have a moment would you head over and vote for her photo? I would really like her to win! Thanks.

A day in the life of my pants! LOL

240x180Lets see, my favorite pair of pants is my new black pair of Capri workout pants, they say “Guard” on the pant leg. I love these because they are comfortable and because they are durable.

What would a day be like for my pants? Hm, it would be hard I think. I wake up in the morning, have some coffee and then I spend about 30 minutes sitting in the car (dropping N off at work in town and driving back home). Once I get home I have some breakfast, sit on the couch and work on the computer for about an hour. So for my pants that basically means lots of sitting.

I head back into town to teach at about 10:30am, when I get to the school I dance my butt off so that means much stretching, rubbing and torture for the pants. I once had a pair of pants rip in the crotch while I was teaching, we do the splits, kick and all that fun stuff. It’s important that my pants be durable and stretchable. When I can I wear pajama pants or sweats so that I don’t ruin any good pants.

When I get home from teaching I run around the house cleaning, gardening and taking care of the house. That means my pants get dirt on them from the garden, dust from cleaning the house, soap from doing the dishes and an array of other stuff. Dockers contest wants to know what a day is like in YOUR pants, are you creative? If so turn the story of your pants into a video submission and then submit this content to the Dockers TV Commercial Contest. You could WIN and winning is FUN!
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Video of all the pets

Here is a video I put together of a day in our house, with all our pets. I didn’t video the birds or fish but all the other pets were included. Enjoy!

I was going to embed the video in the post but it messes up my whole blog display when I do, so if you want to view it click this link.

They all get along for the most part and are able to coexist in our cozy home. They are like our kids, can you tell?

Crazy weather makes for chilly times….

Yesterday it rained, all day and changed to snow last night.. It’s been snowing since then and this type of weather just make me want to sit and relax. Stormy weather makes me want to relax and to have “me time”. I am eating top ramen and the fire is going while I am sitting here in the couch with my laptop.

The only down side to the weather is that our heating bill is going to be even worse now!

By the way I think my cat was oriental in a previous life because he is just crazy about noodles! He is sitting here trying to steal noodles as I eat my ramen… He goes crazy whenever we have noodles. I caught a video of it, thank goodness I was not free boobin!

We are supposed to get about 4 inches tonight in addition to the foot or so that has been on the ground since the last storm.. It’s cold and pretty. Oh and I got another 3 purses made today, yay for me!

Wordless Wednesday- Nothing is Impossible!

Ever think something is impossible and that you are destined to loose/ fail etc? The impossible is sometimes possible! Just watch this, don’t worry it’s a happy story!

A fun twist on folding clothes

I found this site that has a great video on folding t-shirts I tried it out and it works great! Makes folding laundry a bit more entertaining… I enjoy the little things, this guy likes the little things too!

I found a variation of the t-shirt fold but it is for long sleeved shirts and sweaters,there was even a video over at that showed you how to fold your towels in various ways.

If you are really looking for an interesting way to fold that pesky clothes you might consider making yourself a clothing folding machine like the one in this video @

Laughter can be the best medicine…

I was browsing Bix this morning checking the status of my contest entries and I found the funniest video:

This baby just has the best laugh, it made me laugh and it got me to thinking about how important it is to have a good laugh. It really can improve your mood and outlook. So today I am sharing some things that will make you laugh and possibly brighten your day.

The first one is a blog entry on sharting by witchypoo. I read her blog daily and had the best laugh yesterday when I read her post. I didn’t shart but I sure snorted.. Snorting just makes me laugh harder and longer, today my laugh muscles are sore! Read the post, you will laugh.

The next thing is a group called Improv Everywhere. I found their site after watching a recorded episode of 20/20. Basically “Improv Everywhere causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places.” They have video’s of skits on things like shopping in slow motion they do things that make you laugh, feel included or make you wonder about what is going on. They sort of promote “personal interactions” and they have videos of all their work.

Do you have any funny sites, videos etc you can share? I always love a good laugh!