Poop, Gas and Fussing in the Breastfed Baby: It might not be colic.

For the last few weeks we have had some poop and gas problems with Adalyn that I promised I wouldn’t bore you with, until I realized this is a very real issue other breastfeeding mothers are also struggling with.

At just 3 weeks old Adalyn has had terrible gas that is quite stinky, she’s going poop only about once a week and she is extremely fussy, apparently uncomfortable and not sleeping well. Read more about it in: “From the trenches at 6 weeks postpartum“.

I entertained thoughts about Addie having a reaction to something in my diet but nothing seemed to be connected. We tried gas drops, gripe water, burping, tummy sleep, swing sleep, bicycle exercises, baby wearing, warm baths, constant holding and non-stop nursing to help and calm her.

When we called the doctor and midwife about the lack of poop we were told as long as she’s gaining weight and wetting diapers it’s not a concern (the lack of poop). They suggested we to try glycerin suppositories, Karo syrup in water or a lubed up rectal thermometer in the anus to stimulate poop (and I also found this advice in many places on the internet)… nothing seemed to work for us (well we didn’t try the suppositories) and I was still quite concerned about the lack of poop.

On occasion a mother will describe notably infrequent newborn stooling when asked. Sometimes it has been overlooked or, using the criteria for older babies, labeled normal. Sometimes, under the advice of family, friends or health workers, this has already been treated as constipation.

During the 1990s mothers have related such treatments as: changes made in the mother’s diet; various supplements for baby including glucose or corn syrup water, fruit juices, or pureed fruits; various types of anal stimulation, anal dilation and enemas of vegetable oil. In cases of infrequent newborn stooling, babies are often known to have or are later found to have poor weight gain. Source LLL Site

Adalyn first went a week between pooping, then 6 days between poops. Her gas pain and the malodorous odor seemed to worsen as the days went on without a poop but on the day she finally did poop each week the gas and fart smells were basically gone for about 24 hours. And she slept, like a peaceful, happy girl. And she also slept for good stretches of time and would go right back to sleep so easily.

These glimpses of her content and pain free time made it impossible to accept that this was just something we would have to wait for her to outgrow. There was no way this was incurable, something was causing it and that cause could somehow be remedied… if we could nail it down.

Breastfeeding is hard and can sometimes be puzzling. This fact alone is why so many are quick to supplement baby with formula.

We are blamed and told something in our diet is upsetting baby, but what? We are told a formula can help with tummy trouble and possible allergic reactions, and sometimes they do… The sticking point is that the number of babies that actually can’t tolerate mom’s milk is actually very, very small.

Additionally, breastfeeding supply issues (not enough milk, too much milk, etc) can almost always be remedied instead of just giving up and switching to formula.

In our haste and desperation we just search for any possible solution for our pained and unhappy babies…
Sadly this results in the end of nursing relationships.

My own breastfeeding struggles and frustrations give me a very real understanding of why some moms give up completely. The huge breastfeeding benefits to mom and baby make the struggles and frustrations something worth enduring, for me (and hopefully to you too). We entertained the idea of a breast milk imbalance, read more about it in “Too much of a good thing: Oversupply & Breastfeeding“.

The Solution? Gut Health & Genetic Factors!

If you are a nursing mom that arrived here looking for the solution to this problem I feel your pain! Nothing I was advised to explore solved the issue for Adalyn at 5 month of age (tongue tie, lip tie block feeding, reflux, enzymes, gas drops, karo syrup, water supplements and more doctors visits). However, I still suspect she probably has a posterior tongue tie (these are impossible to diagnose visually and only skilled/ specially trained practitioners can diagnose by feeling under the tongue) as well as a stretched out lip tie.

Don’t let Dr. Google swamp your brain and overwhelm your instincts like I did. It is oh, so easy to search the web, or ask for advice on social media when your baby is hurting but in doing this you might be setting yourself up for further frustration.

Everyone can speculate and there are seriously an infinite number of reasons for any ailment… the kicker is that each child and situation is different. Take Addie’s pooping for example… She’s gong more often now. Not sure why or what the issue was. Maybe my supply increased to fit her needs and all I needed to do was stop fiddling with remedies and just cuddle up to nurse her on demand.

A plane trip to Arizona forced me to nurse her non-stop and amazingly her pooper started working more. Was it the Kombucha or the altitude change or the stress? Was it my diet or the dry air or the drama? No clue. Will I stop trying to learn more about my own gut health and how that impacts my nursling? Nope. Will I refrain from googling when she has an issue? Probably not and neither will you.

My point is TRUST your instincts and the age old wisdom our bodies already have. We were made to carry, birth and nourish our growing babies. Sometimes all we need to do is slow down and get back to the basics to resolve the issues, rather than over thinking them.

In hindsight- What we learned: Gut Health, Detox Pathways, MTHFR Mutations & Tongue/ Lip Ties

Many have come to me in the last two years seeking advice and information regarding my experiences with my own daughter so here is the update and my thoughts on it: Updated as of Oct 15th, 2013

Gut health & gut function go hand in hand with lip ties and tongue ties. Additionally, lip and tongue ties are often related to the MTHFR genetic mutation that runs in families and impacts a slew of other health related things ranging from midline defects, to digestion, to susceptibility, to other health issues.

Don’t rely on the Dr. (or the internet) to guide or advise you, dive in and read up on it because each case is different and regular Dr’s (& the masses) don’t know much about it right now.

For us, we are gluten free with the celiac genes in the family tree… My youngest has slight autistic characteristics when her digestion and diet isn’t clean of her triggers (gluten, HFCS, high oxalate foods). She also has some potty issues relating to her detoxification pathways when her diet gets wonky. She’s always been small and unable to gain weight per the generic standards for pediatricians and I am super careful with her diet because I know malabsorption is likely for her since her digestion isn’t every really up to par. We also all seem to have gut bacteria imbalances that require constant probiotic foods/ drinks to balance.

She’s got what I think is a lip tie (that stretched enough to allow her to nurse beyond 2 yrs old) and possibly a posterior tongue tie but we’ve not had it revised or even really diagnosed, for failure to find a Dr. when she was a babe and in the throes of her major suffering. I also suspect that I have the celiac genes and that we both have MTHFR mutations. My husband’s sister had a tongue tie that was revised so the mutations may actually  be on both sides of the family for us.

When our new baby comes we’ll likely all head to Bloomington, Indiana to see Dr. Matt Rasche for a lip/ tongue tie diagnosis and revision since ties are a “midline defect” common for those with the MTHFR genetic defect that I suspect several of us have.

Updates on Adalyn @ 2 yrs 2 months of age:

She was honestly inconsolable the first 6 mos of life, never slept well, always cried, had to be held 24/7, when she did sleep we noted some major back arching at times and despite swaddling and co-sleeping she’d still wake in fits (more than a normal baby) for unknown reasons. She always spit up and seemed to have gas, seemed to always be hungry, never pooped a normal BF baby poop. Went days between poops… like 6-10 days! Very clingy too. 

Her first 3 mos of life I halfheartedly tried removing gluten, nuts & dairy with no clear signs of improvement. From 6-12 mos of life I was fully committed to removing & detoxing (read more about my detox experience here in “It is like I am an addict: Thoughts on body detox with diet changes” from gluten, while working to heal the gut following Jennifer Tow’s gut healing webinar. I asked Jennifer Tow about future gut healing webinars like the one I took with her and she says there is a recording that she can share with those interested. Tell her I sent you and maybe shoot her an email about buying the recorded webinar, you wont be sorry. It’s a LOAD of great info!

As Addie grew and became more independent her tendency to have explosive fits surfaced. She remained very clingy after becoming mobile. Didn’t have interest in crawling or exploring like other babies do, just wanted to be held by me (and usually nursed) at the slightest upset or new situation. Even refused her dad’s holding sometimes. She would get upset over the smallest things and would be impossible to console… crying on the floor, writhing around. Very easily frustrated & upset. She would even get external signs of her internal/ dietary issues… things like dark circles under the eyes, funny dry skin patches, weird foot and hand pimples, cradle cap that would come out of nowhere, etc.

Once the gluten finally cleared from her system at about 12 mos of age we could clearly pinpoint it as being the trigger for her.


Now, she doesn’t wake well from impromptu naps without a good 20-45 min, inconsolable crying jag afterward. Doesn’t tolerate most people (other than her immediate family) and hates space invasions from everyone. If she’s having a fit, talking to her, touching her or even looking at her just makes her go longer and harder with the fit. 

The crazy thing is her fits and moods eerily coincide with dietary slip ups, almost within 30 min of the slip up and can last about 24-48 hrs afterward depending on her detox pathway speed at the time. Once we figured out what was setting her off diet wise and took steps to remove and detox her from it things got SOOO much better. We also do Bach some individual flower remedies to help in in the throes of fits or during a dietary oops period and she’s doing SO much better. 

Gradually she’s getting more outgoing and less clingy, her ability to handle frustration is way improved and once the diet thing got resolved her nutrition seemed to improve. She’s weaned from nursing now and is even toilet trained during the day but helping her to adjust and figuring out what was setting her off was a looooong journey of tons of research and trial/ error. I have no doubt she’d be way worse off if we’d allowed vaccinations since her gut was so of kilter and not functioning as a young baby.

It really is all based in her gut health & the lack therof as a newborn. It’s a balancing game but it can be done, I feel like we’ve done it with Adalyn. She’s not “healed” and neither am I… We’ll both have constant gut microbe imbalances to manage and we’ll both have to avoid gluten forever I think. I know there will be more to learn about our MTHFR & celiac status and how it is impacting our vitamin/ nutrient absorption but for now I’m happy that we’ve arrived at where we are, clearly better off than we were when Adalyn was an infant.

For anyone noticing similar things with their nursling…

  1. Know that your diet and gut health can impact them while nursing.
  2. Start multi-strain probiotics for you and baby NOW – if you suspect autisim research D-Lactate free probiotics FIRST!
  3. Dive in and research tongue ties, lip ties & MTHFR genetic mutations, get testing if you can.
  4. If you haven’t removed gluten from your/ baby’s diet… do it. 
  5. Support your detox pathways! I take Pascalite in drinking water + nightly epsom salt baths + Natural Calm as needed.
  6. Take a good multivitamin, research B vitamins & folate as they relate to your possible MTHFR mutation status.
  7. Trust your gut and don’t be pacified, if you really feel something isn’t right then it is NOT.


More experiences & reading:

Herbal tea to calm mother and baby

Right after Everly was born our midwife suggested I drink a tea of catnip and lemon balm to help us both relax and sleep.

You see in those first few days I was all keyed up and could only stare at Everly in awe when I should have been sleeping and Everly was pretty fussy in the middle of the night which stressed us out.

Everyone said she might be colicky because of the crying even though the rule of three wasn’t happening in her case. Anyway the cat nip tea/ lemon balm tea did wonders for us in those first few days.

I was just reading about another calming tea for babies and breastfeeding mothers that uses chamomile, fennel and catnip that I wanted to share:

Just before bedtime combine:

  • 2 teaspoons of chamomile flowers
  • 1 teaspoon of fennel leaves
  • 1 teaspoon of catnip leaves

Then using an infuser and add 2 cups of heated water and drink. It tastes good with a bit of honey.

The tea is said to work by calming the mother which in turn calms the baby per Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques.

Some also say that breastfeeding mothers who drink the tea about an hour before baby’s bedtime pass the herbsĀ  through breast milk to the baby thus calming baby two fold.

Did you know Sage, Peppermint Oil, Spearmint, Parsley, Chickweed, Black Walnut, stinging nettles, Yarrow, Herb Robert, Oregano, Periwinkle Herb, Sorrel, and Vitamin B6 are all shown to reduce your milk supply? If you are going for a herbal tea while breastfeeding be sure to avoid those that contain milk supply reducing ingredients.

Everly at 13 weeks- Vlog from a hotel room

Cloth diapering fun, blowouts and opinions

I am a cloth diapering mom and proud of it. Cloth diapering really isn’t as bad as it seems and there are tons of good reasons why cloth is better than disposables.

  • Cloth diapers save you money! Instead of buying package after package of disposable diapers you only need to invest in a set that will be reused over, and over again.
  • Disposable diapers are the 3rd largest single product in the waste stream (behind newspapers & beverage containers). Using cloth diapers cuts down on this waste.
  • Single use Disposable diapers use 37% more water than diapers laundered at home! All the wood pulp used in them takes much more water to produce. Using cloth diapers save water.
  • Disposables contain Dioxin (a result of the bleaching process), Dioxin is listed by the EPA as the worst cancer linked chemical. Using cloth diapers is safer for your baby and the environment.

There are oodles of reasons why cloth is the better option. For more cloth diapering facts you can visit: http://www.realdiaperassociation.org/diaperfacts.php

Anyway, on my cloth diaper quest I had the opportunity to try GroBaby, BumGenius, Organic Caboose, Skoon, Knickernappies and Bumpkins diapering products.

I like my BumGenius pocket diapers best but have noticed some issues with them. For starters we had a huge diaper blowout right at the start of band practice last week. We are talking poop just oozing out the diaper and down my shirt! I even tweeted a photo of the mess just to share the awesomeness with my followers. Following me on twitter brings all sorts of perks, lol!

She was wearing a BumGenius diaper when this happen, it turns out the diaper wasn’t on tight enough! Oops. Wont make that mistake again.

Cloth diapers can and do have blowouts when they are filled to capacity, put on wrong or when they have buildup and need a stripping. I am now aware of this, live and learn right? So my BumGenius are great but as her shape changes the fit is getting somewhat tricky.

As for the GroBaby, I am in the process of talking with them about a problem with their diaper. It’s velcro doesn’t stay stuck when Everly is wearing it. It curls back and loosens as it rubs her clothes, this isn’t a good thing for a diaper. You want those suckers on tight so you aren’t covered in poop every day!

I like the GroBaby because it’s not a pocket diaper but it is just like one! It has a snap in soaker that comes with it but once the soaker is soaked or soiled I use my Skoon inserts.

It’s kind like you would use a prefold diaper but instead of pinning the cloth I just tuck it under the GroBaby shell, saves me a few loads of laundry and gets good use out of all the products I have on hand.

Speaking of shortcuts and prefolds, I use them and various inserts with the shells of the diapers I have. It helps me save money too because those inserts and prefolds are way cheaper than one complete pocket diaper.

I’ve even started laying a terry cloth/ cotton insert over the top of my pocket diaper’s pocket and just using the pocket diaper as a cover (you know instead of stuffing the diaper). This way E can wear the same pocket diaper many more times.

Shoot, if you are really desperate you can even reuse a pocket diaper as a diaper shell once it’s been soiled, that will save you even more loads of laundry.

Now that Everly is 3 months old I am looking at possible diaper investments for the mobile phase of her development. I’ve heard that tot are known to un-velcro diapers and that certain diapers are prone to leak when baby gets crawling around.

What are your cloth diaper tips or brand suggestions for a new cloth diapering mom whose baby is 3 month old? I am looking for diaper short cuts, tricks and brands I should consider. Let you opinion be heard!

Oh speaking of BumGenius. I am busting my butt to win this awesome contest: Win Six bumGenius 3.0 One-Size Cloth Diapers

If you cloth diaper you could enter to win these, if you’re not cloth diapering you can enter to win them and just send them to me when you win, lol. :-P

First time parent shock and adjustment (it really does get easier)

Just 10 short weeks ago I was literally living in bed. Recovering from childbirth and around the clock newborn care left little time for regular person stuff like showering, getting dressed for the day and cooking.

I was crying at the drop of a hat (for no particular reason) and I was sure I (as a person) was gone now that the baby had arrived. I particularly remember crying and feeling like the world was ending the first day N went back to work and left Everly and I alone for the day.

Many told me that things would get back to normal following Everly’s birth and I didn’t believe them. I thought for sure I would forever be a sleep deprived, tunnel visioned shell of a person who was just living to fulfill the needs of their child. I imagined my own interests, needs and routines were forever killed now that I had a child to care for.

I am pleased to discover that this is not the case! Sure I am still fulfilling needs and often deprived of sleep but remarkably it all seems normal and perfectly manageable now that she’s 10 weeks old. We’ve adapted and are now fulfilling her needs in addition to carrying on our day to day activities. 10 weeks ago I just could not believe this was possible!

We’ve learned almost all her signals and are doing okay at keeping her happy most of the time. She’s sleeping fine, only wakes about twice a night for feedings and does easily go back to sleep.

I’ve also gone back to work with Everly in tow and she is a trooper! She actually prefers loud sounds to soft ones and we discovered that she likes instrumental music, so hearing the marching band play is perfect for her.

She also enjoys classical tunes so we’ve been playing it at the house. I am also singing scales to her during play time and she trys her darnedest to intimidate me. She’s shreaking with excitement and practicing her sound making skills now too.

We are still cloth diapering and breastfeeding her with great success. She’s also getting the occasional bottle from daddy here and there so she’ll be able to be cared for by someone other than me when needed.

Her daytime naps are still a slight challenge, she’ll often refuse to sleep when she clearly needs to. This can create some fussy days and nights when she is allowed to become overtired.

All in all I am happy to report that things do go back to normal eventually following the arrival or a baby. All the advice and supportive words were right, it was just hard to see that far ahead while in the thick of it.

Things are so well adjusted that we even had time to perform makeovers on BOTH our blogs in under a week. Did you check out N’s new blog look and what do you think of the new look here?

This mom is flying solo tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be the first time in almost 10 weeks that I’ll be without Everly! For the last 10 weeks I haven’t spent more than an hour or two away from her. Tomorrow I’ll be spending 8 whole hours away from her, I am not sure how I feel about this.

She’ll be hanging out at home with N while I go to an all day marching band rehearsal.

N wasn’t jazzed about spending the day hanging around the school taking care of E (so I could breastfeed her on demand) while I am working. I don’t blame him, if I were him would rather spend my Saturday at home relaxing.

Besides It’s better that she’s not out in the heat and blazing sun for that long anyway… So the two of them will be relaxing at home without me all day.

This is why we’ve been trying so hard to get her to take a bottle lately. There are gonna be days when she’s home with him and I am out working. We also would love to have a date night once in a while. If she refuses a bottle it kind of makes it impossible for me to leave her side for very long.

N and E had another successful morning while I was left to catch up on some sleep. I guess N took her down to the nursery where she took her morning nap in her crib. Crib sleeping is not something that happens often as she’s still pretty attached to swing sleeping.

N said after her nap in the crib she took a bottle with hardly any fuss, she even smiled at him while he was giving her it. This is a great change from the frantic screaming she was doing during bottle time days before.

It appears N and Everly are geared up for tomorrow and this makes me pretty happy. I love her to death but it will be nice to go to work and have 2 hands to teach with as opposed to only the one (since I’ve been holding her the entire time I am teaching).

Now I need to get back to my BPA obsessing, I’ll post more about that in a few days though, stay tuned.

Small victories and insurance battles…

I have a few moments before we have to head out and just wanted to share a few things. First, Everly TOOK A BOTTLE from N this morning, we are super pleased!

She ended up taking the Adiri BPA Free Natural Nurser Bottles I won via a blog/ twitter contest back in May.

Unfortunately I hadn’t pumped that much milk the night before so the bottle didn’t fill her up, she did drink all the milk that was in it though and I breastfed her afterward to be sure her tummy was full.

It took N about an hour of her fussing and refusing before she was tired enough to doze off in his arms. Once she was dozing he could get her to drink the bottle.

It’s a good thing she’s getting the hang of occasional bottle feeding because I have some all day weekend rehersals coming up with the colorguard and N will be home with E the entire time, ideally He’ll be able to bottle feed her while I am off teaching all day. Woot, she wont starve!

Also, we bought Everly this Cradling Bouncy Seat and to our surprise she like it very much! It’s nice to be able to spend time with her without having to hold her the whole time.

Oh and we dealt with some very maddening health insurance/ birth cost crap today. Remember how I had a 4th degree tear after Everly was born?

Well I transported to the local hospital for stitches since a 4th degree tear is a bit more complex to repair than anything the midwives had done.

Normally they can stitch up minor tears but since I tore straight through they wanted a surgeon to do the repair work to insure all the muscles and tissue were repaired properly, you know so I wouldn’t leak and have resulting lack of control down there…

Anyway, we paid $3500 (100% out of pocket) to our midwife for Everly’s birth. That is pretty cheap compared to what it costs to birth in a hospital.

Now guess how much the bill for all my repair work was from the hospital, after insurance discounts and whatnot…

Lets just say the bill is about 52% of what the total cost for Everly’s birth was. Isn’t that crazy? It just goes to show how super inflated hospital & insurance billing is compared to paying a alternative provider directly without the hospital or insurance involved. I thought medical insurance was supposed to help us financially…

Also, remember how much of a stink my ex OBGYN made about me not getting the RhoGam shot during pregnancy? They told me I was endangering my baby and my future fertility and that it wasn’t really an optional thing…

Well after Everly was born and her blood type was determined I did get the RhoGam shot while I was at the hospital being stitched up.

Insurance will billed for it and apparently between the insurance company and the providing physician out in Tennessee that shot is somehow not deemed “a medical necessity” and insurance is now refusing to pay for it. Nice huh?

Everly’s first visit with a doctor, an integrated medicine physician.

Everly had her first doctors appointment this week, her 2 month checkup. We saw an integrated medicine physician who seems to be right up our alley in her care philosophy. She’s not pushy about vaccinations and didn’t freak out when we mentioned E was a homebirth baby.

Integrated medicine is a mix between alternative medicine and traditional medicine. When there is a health issue things like nutrition, life style and various alternative therapies are often explored first before prescription medications or other more dramatic solutions are used.

We prefer to take the natural route with our health care when possible, I am sure this is no surprise to you considering how Everly was born.

Anyway, back to the updates. Everly weighed in at a whopping 11.8 lbs and had a great checkup with the doc. She’s gaining weight very well and is reaching all the milestones for her age group according to the doctor.

We’ve not started her first vaccinations yet and are doing research on them right now. We know we’ll do some vaccinations. We just want to do them on a delayed schedule and spread them out more than what’s normally done.

We are so happy that Everly is doing so well. It’s a relief to have a good doctor for her too, in case she gets sick or something. Oh, this doctor is actually a family practice doctor so we can all be cared for by her, that is another plus! She’s covered by our insurance too.

That means I’ve got a handle on the baby stuff, for now… Not so much on the pet issues though.

Cat piss has fried my brain and I can’t come up with a title for this crappy post.

I wrote this post on Wednesday and thought it was published… Somehow it never did actually publish till today. Blogging fail!

Man, it’s been a stormy last few days. Yesterday evening while on the way to pick N up from work it freaking dumped on us big time! I threw a blanket over Everly’s head and we made a mad dash from the front door to the car. I jumped in the drivers seat with a diaper/ dance bag slung over my shoulder and baby E in my arms. I was soaked and I’d only been outdoors for a few seconds.

Today the storms are knocking out my satellite signal and the rain is dumping again… It’s all good though. I’d rather have some rain than the muggy, warm Indiana summer temps!

Tomorrow my students perform for the first time and today is my day off from teaching.

I’ve got all sorts of things to take care of… Cat piss on the tile floor outside the litter box (Mr. Guy’s way of protesting semi-dirty litter), extra wet cat vomit on the white carpets (probably a result of cats eating things they shouldn’t), cloth diapers to wash and hang to dry, the bathroom totally needs to be cleaned, there is clean, unfolded laundry hanging out in the laundry basket (it’s been there for several days getting all super wrinkled), gotta pay the bills, figure out a plan for dinner and care for Everly while I try to take care of everything. Fun!

Speaking of damn cats… Why is Gabby obsessed with chewing every single cable in this house? First it was the iPod/ iPhone cord, then the video camera charging cable, the Wii nunchuk cord and the balance board charging cable. Next she got the iPod dock speaker cable, almost got E’s swing power cord and she just started in on the router power cable.

If she destroys the router or modem cables and I am without internet I will not be a happy camper!

I am wondering if she is lacking some mineral or something that makes her chew the various cords and cables around here or if she’s just dead set on being an ass because she’s not getting enough attention from us these days.

Anyone want to take care of our zoo for us? It sure would help out lots! Taking care of the house is one of the things we are slacking on… Slacking sucks when you’ve got 4 indoor cats who vomit, piss in the sink or on the floor and who are basically jerks when things aren’t kept up with. It’s not pretty around here.

Gotta go clean vomit and piss now, happy day off to me. :-P

Wordless Wednesday: E’s 6 week checkup with our midwife

Over the weekend we made the 4 hour drive down to Summertown, Tennessee for our 6 week checkup at The Farm. We got to stay in our midwife’s cabin again, the same one Everly was born in. I had her right there on the floor where the rocking chair is in this photo. Ah, the memories.

We had some playtime upon arriving at the cabin. We figured letting Everly stretch out on the bed would be a nice change from being cramped in the carseat all day. E had fun playing as you can see in the above photos.

We learned that an increase in humidity impacts a baby’s bottom. Poor Everly got kind of rashy while we were in Tennessee so we put a potty pad (left over from the birth kit) under her and let her go naked for a bit. She liked being free but was also startling much more without clothes on. The fresh air and sunlight did help with the rash though.

The checkup went well and Pamela was very excited to spend time with Everly as you can see. You can read more about how the checkup went in this post.

We had a great time on our trip, it was a time for us to reflect on Everly’s birth and we also made some good memories while we were there.