Dazed, anxiety ridden and plagued with ham disease.

It’s true. N and I got the holiday ham that keeps on giving. It seems we have food poisoning or something… It’s been an ongoing thing for over a week now. We just tossed several pounds of ham leftovers after we figured it was the culprit, also tossed the spinach salad just for good measure. Still feeling yuck though, after eating the food several days ago.

First thing I thought was, can E get sick via my breast milk if I have food poisoning? Google told me the answer is no, unless my poisoning is in my blood- then she can get it through breast milk. This feels like a super mild but lingering case of food poisoning.

In the next few days we’ll be expecting the “symptoms” to go away if they don’t we’ll do the uncommon and actually go see a doctor. I just totally spared you the gruesome details, trust me you should be very thankful!

E isn’t having any real issues, unlike us. She’s been a bit fussy and sleepless, that is all. So we aren’t too worried about this little bout of whatever it is we are going through. It sure is inconvenient though.

Motherhood has once again left me feeling in a daze. As we prepare for our visit home to retrieve our 2nd car anxiety mounts and the to-do list grows. Even though we are getting good chunks of sleep at night it still feels as if we are living one very long, never ending day.

You know the feeling right? The one where you stop for a moment and can hardly believe how much time has passed… I am not a fan of this feeling at all. 6 months ago time was crawling now it is passing at warp speed!

We’ve been talking about what we can’t wait to do once we get back to Arizona… It seems the consensus is a relaxing, slow paced, fancy dinner out.

Date night out is a must considering we’ll have both sets of grandparents and many friends for babysitting. Leaving Everly with someone is going to be hard though, for everyone involved. She still has issues being away from the milk makers. LOL.

Speaking of separation anxiety, she spent the day with Mr. Mom on Saturday and is getting much better at being away from me (for small periods of time).

Turns out she sucks down her peas and sweet potatoes when she knows the milk makers aren’t home. When I’ve been giving them to her she’s lost interest and makes her “eww that is gross” face. N reports she eats them like a champ when I am gone though. Funny how that works.

It’s been damn cold and dry here! I am pretty much counting down the days until we have our 2nd car back. You know the one with heat, airbags and power locks/ windows.

Not having heat in freezing temperatures is not fun, especially with a baby and a long commute. The year and a half long, chilly sacrifice made our home buying possible though. Life is about sacrifices and priorities right?

Anyway, I hope everyone had a safe and fun new year! We had a glass of wine, talked shop and went to bed. We are party animals :-P

As poop watch 2009 draws to an end steamy good news arrives.

For those of you following on Twitter, Poop Watch 2009 brings good news today!

After a week and a visit to the doctor Everly has finally pooed. Remember last week when N and E hung out at home and scarfed a jar of sweet potato in absence of boob? Well, she hasn’t pooped since then.

I searched the internetz about baby poop habits at 6 months. Apparently breastfed babies can have this lack of poop thing and it’s not a sign of issues.

Today at her well baby checkup we talked about her increasing crankiness and lack of poop. She didn’t even sleep last night which means neither did I. The doc said a little rectal “stimulation” with a thermometer and some Vaseline would get things going.

But before we did anything rectal we both came home and took a nice long morning nap. Functioning on 1 hour of sleep wasn’t working well for either of us.

When we woke I gathered up all the rectal supplies and headed in to change her diaper… Low and behold…


She did it on her own in her sleep. All the grunting, fussing and trying to force it was useless. She just needed to be so tired she would zonk out and not wake to try forcing it some more. A bit of relaxation and rest let it come right out.

It was thick, sticky, semi-solid, smelly and such a relief to see! The consistency resembled those first meconium poos but it was brownish orange and not black. I knew you wanted to know! LOL.

Sorry to over share but this seriously makes my day. Here is the obligatory poop pic:

Where is mom? I can’t smell her!!

One of the things I’ve failed to share with you is that we’ve recently introduced Everly to sweet potatoes. Over the weekend while we were shopping at Target we decided to poke around the baby food aisle to see the different kinds of first stage cereals and the organic/ natural options.

She’s not a huge fan of the cereal we have now. At first she liked it but now she just makes faces and drools it down her chin. Several books have said that some babies (especially those breastfeeding ones with mothers that eat flavor rich foods) get bored with flavorless cereal.

We thought a different grain cereal could provide her some variety but we discovered some stage one jarred foods that we decided to try out. It is Earth’s Best stage one food.

We got a few jars of sweet potato and some jars of peas. Sure enough E loved the taste of sweet potato and did well with her new food. She ate way more than we expected the first day. The second day we gave her a bit more… We aren’t in a rush to wean her and she’s still getting all her nutrition from breast milk. The foods are just a bonus and a very gradual introduction.

Anyway, today I had to teach and N had the day off work so E and N stayed home while I went off to work. I was only gone 4 hours. Fed E before I left and she went down for a nap.

Apparently once I left E woke up and just knew I was gone. N said she was looking all around for me and that she basically had a 3 hour meltdown. During the meltdown he felt she was hungry so he offered her some sweet potato.

She’s only ever consumed a few tablespoons at a time, you know just for taste and experience. Today was different though, she wolfed down the whole jar with N. Unfortunately, the ounce of sweet potato didn’t make her any less fussy.

When I walked through the door at 7:30 N was looking all haggard with E sitting on his lap looking forlorn. Poor E thought I had abandoned her or something. She was very pleased to see me and to nurse, of course. Do you think it’s true that babies can smell if their mom is gone or not? After today’s events I am starting to believe it.

Tween gremlins, missing gifts, brain cell lackaged and a puzzle in a pear tree.

I am a lazy, zoned out bag of bones! Did I tell you I am teaching 10-14 year-olds now? TWEENS!!! Did you know those little gremlins are hyper as all get out? Man, I feel old and the hyperactivity is not helping my scatter-brain at all.

It’s been too long since my last post but honestly, I am focusing on my daughter and the finer things in life these days. By the time I have a spare moment to sit down to write I’ve got like half a brain cell left and I usually talk myself out of writing another nobody-could-possibly-want-to-read-this-garbage post.Today you aren’t as lucky.

Updates? Well, we had a good belated Thanksgiving and spent some chillaxing time over the weekend. Mostly we played Ultimate Band on the Wii and ate. It was fun and I am so sore. E’s still teething and has her good and bad days. Saturday was very bad, Monday was better and today verged on suckage again.

Oh, we did rearrange our living room in preparation for the holiday tree. No, we’ve not put the tree up yet but we have started the transition between our fall and winter decor. The living room is much more cozy and feng shui which has helped to improve my mood and productivity.

N got some of the holiday lights hung. Tater and I did online shopping and also wrapped the stuff I already bought before Turkey Day. The one really important holiday gift I bought N last month, wrapped and stashed was lost when I went to find this weekend. Yep, I wrapped it, hid it and forgot where I put the darn thing. Nice huh? When do your brain cells return following child birth?

The gift, it’s found now and has been moved to a pile with all the other things I’ve bought and wrapped in preparation for the holiday. I dispise Christmas Eve wrapping madness thanks to my mother who always waited to wrap everything until the night before. She would have me come in her room and wrap for her once my brothers were asleep on Christmas Eve… Those were long nights. Now I wrap everything right after I buy it, it’s less overwhelming that way.

So yeah, tween gremlins, missing brain cells, holiday preparation…

Oh, E is starting to sit unassisted and today marks her 24 week birthday. 24 weeks/ 4 = 6 months right? So why does facebook say E is only 5 months old? We think she’s 6 months! Right?

Ugh, anyway. She’s 6 months today and is starting to sit on her own. She doesn’t have the balance thing mastered yet though so she can sit but will quickly fall to the side if she makes sudden movements or tries to look around.

She’s still having an occasional bowl of baby cereal here and there and man does it change the poop frequency and odor! She eats the cereal very well but isn’t all that excited about the process. She tolerates it and does get some food down but we aren’t looking to wean or force her as the breastfeeding relationship is still going strong.

I’ll be okay if she is still breastfeeding at a year old. Especially since I learned that scientists have found stem cells in breast milk, it’s even more evidence supporting breastfeeding in my eyes and I just want to give her as much immunity & health benifits as I can- for as long as I can.

So that is the update from our neck of the woods. Earth shattering huh? I bet you are glad you wasted your time read this. Nobody goes away empty handed though! My words might not have compleated your world today but at least you can do a fun little picture puzzle. That is entertaining right?

Create your own puzzles at PuzzleBee.com!

Less-Words Wednesday: Out and about with baby

Over the weekend we had our first meal out since Everly was born… We went to Steak N Shake where they asked if we needed a high chair and presented us with a kids menu and crayons. Don’t they know 5-month-olds typically don’t order off the kids menu or color? She did bang on the table top though.


Everly had boobies while N and I ordered food from the menu. I was pleased that nobody gave me any grief about breastfeeding my child in the restaurant while I ate.

We were there about 45 min or so and I indulged in a sugary caramel apple shake for dessert. It sent me in to a sugar overload later but was oh-so-good. Thanks Steak N Shake for being boobie/ breastfeeding friendly.

Speaking of breastfeeding in public, back during our Indy trip I breastfed in a few different Starbucks with no issues. Thanks Starbucks!


As a first time mom who is breastfeeding it can be intimidating to just feed where ever you are. For me it was not because of shyness either… I’ve done much more revealing stuff.

The main worry is that the establishment will cause a scene over it or that another patron will… Similar to the Chick-fil-A situation back in August that resulted in nurse-in protests.

There are laws almost everywhere that protect a nursing mother’s rights to nurse in public but that doesn’t protect against the humiliation and inconvenience of being harassed or the fear that someone will come at you for doing it.

If breast is best why does everyone make you feel like an ass for doing it public?



A blood blister on your nipple? The joys of a nursing mom.

It’s a stormy gloomy day. I laid down to nap because I had writer block this afternoon and the weather was making me lazy. I had this post in the works but have been debating whether or not someone would read and benefit from it or if it’s just another pointless TMI post.

It is surely TMI but it’s not outright inappropriate. It’s totally the life of a new mother… Motherhood brings with it all sorts of new-found bodily issues, most of which nobody talks about. Veronica and I think this sucks!

So here I go, hopefully this will help a new mom or two. If you are experiencing this you are not alone and it is somewhat normal. If you would rather not know about the less than desirable bodily happenings of mothers skip this post.


Who would have thought stabbing a sewing needle into your already hurting nipple would seem like a good idea… If you are a breastfeeding mom whose got what seems like blood blister on your nipple you might consider it!

Right after I took this photo I got a stabbing pain in my breast.

As you can see she’s pretty much passed out and is very relaxed. The pain I felt did not coincide with any frantic movements on her part so I was confused. It sure hurt like she bit me and she’s teething but it didn’t seem like she actually bit me. My boob sure hurt though!

When she finished feeding I looked at my nipple and it looked like this:

Clearly pooling blood right? Well I googled “nipple blister” and “nipple blood blister” to find that nobody had experienced what I was going through. Can you believe it? Google DIDN’T have any answers for me. This Googlecondriac was shocked!

I came across many people discussing “milk blisters” and how little white looking things on the nipple can be a sign of a clogged milk duct. Still not quite what was going on with me…

That night in the tub I resorted to trying to pop the blood blister. I mean if I’ve got one anywhere else on my body the fastest way to relief is to relieve the pressure… So I grabbed a needle and broke the skin.

It didn’t hurt that bad actually and once I got the pooling blood out I noticed there was a hard buildup in there… A clogging if you will. A few good squeezes later and some peroxide made it good as new and feeling oh, so much better.

The next day I asked around on twitter and emailed a blogger buddy to find out I wasn’t a total freak of nature with a nipple blood blister. I was told “treatment is, (wait  for it)… damp heat and a sterile needle & squeeze it out.” Yay!

I mean I never imagined I would choose to stab my nipple but that’s life right? I really shouldn’t be surprised since I also had to clip the tail from my stitches that was stabbing my lady parts a few days following my 4th degree tear repair work.

There is no modesty or shame after child birth folks, NONE!! At least not for me ;-P

Ah, the insanity of football season and being a mommy.

The joys of football season are endless… Not because I love football or anything. It means four straight months of teaching, reworking and cleaning a marching band show. Rehearsals and performances galore, fun (insanely busy) times!

I actually hate football with a passion but marching bands perform during halftime at football games so that means I am there and crazy busy. Teaching is my passion, it’s hard to balance passions with motherhood though.

Currently Everly and I go to band practice pretty much 4 days a week, from here on out I’ll have their performances to attend almost every Saturday. That’s 5 out of 7 days working, in addition to being a full time stay at home mom.

I basically have time to eat, wash laundry, feed Everly, bathe and sleep. There isn’t time for much else, which is why I haven’t been blogging as much.

We aren’t leaving her with a sitter because finding a sitter we can TRUST (it’s way more than just finding someone we trust her with if you know what I mean) isn’t easy at all.

We are worried about protecting her from germs too, especially since she’s not vaccinated yet. Did you know breastfeeding is the best protection against the swine flu, regular flu and other common sicknesses? She’s still exclusively breastfeed because of this and many other reasons.

Anyway, Everly is growing so fast, she’s 3 months tomorrow. She looks much different now and is a little slobbery, licking and hand sucking fiend these days. Oh and she still wont take a pacifier! She’s content with sucking her fingers or licking my shoulder instead. Nice huh?

Also, she’s a pro at whining now. There are no more indistinguishable cries here, she whimpers and whines and will even full on wail when she’s needing different things. She’s expressing herself, lol.

She’s doing better at sleeping in her bassinet for naps too. I even made some blackout curtains for her nursery so she could nap in there during the day.

We still struggle with her getting overtired on our busy days but all in all this parenting thing is going much better than it did when she was first born.

Now, if I could just get a handle on this being exhausted and lacking motivation thing :-P

This mom is flying solo tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be the first time in almost 10 weeks that I’ll be without Everly! For the last 10 weeks I haven’t spent more than an hour or two away from her. Tomorrow I’ll be spending 8 whole hours away from her, I am not sure how I feel about this.

She’ll be hanging out at home with N while I go to an all day marching band rehearsal.

N wasn’t jazzed about spending the day hanging around the school taking care of E (so I could breastfeed her on demand) while I am working. I don’t blame him, if I were him would rather spend my Saturday at home relaxing.

Besides It’s better that she’s not out in the heat and blazing sun for that long anyway… So the two of them will be relaxing at home without me all day.

This is why we’ve been trying so hard to get her to take a bottle lately. There are gonna be days when she’s home with him and I am out working. We also would love to have a date night once in a while. If she refuses a bottle it kind of makes it impossible for me to leave her side for very long.

N and E had another successful morning while I was left to catch up on some sleep. I guess N took her down to the nursery where she took her morning nap in her crib. Crib sleeping is not something that happens often as she’s still pretty attached to swing sleeping.

N said after her nap in the crib she took a bottle with hardly any fuss, she even smiled at him while he was giving her it. This is a great change from the frantic screaming she was doing during bottle time days before.

It appears N and Everly are geared up for tomorrow and this makes me pretty happy. I love her to death but it will be nice to go to work and have 2 hands to teach with as opposed to only the one (since I’ve been holding her the entire time I am teaching).

Now I need to get back to my BPA obsessing, I’ll post more about that in a few days though, stay tuned.

He said I breastfeed like a hunchback…

Joking insults are flying around the house these days which means, we must me getting back to normal and catching up on sleep or something. The joking insults are a pretty good sign, means we still like each other enough to make an effort and that our humor is returning.

Things like “douchebag-deluxe” and “breastfeeding like a hunchback” are the most recent ones…

N started it by telling me it was my own fault I had neck and back pain… “you breastfeed all hunchback like, it’s no wonder!” I looked at him all perplexed and mildly amused by the blunt remark.

He goes on to tell me that I used to be all about using pillows for support while I breastfed and now I’ve just resolved to feeding her uncomfortably.

I responded that he could offer to bring me my pillows and to help make me more comfortable when I am breastfeeding instead of being all douchebag-deluxe and leaving me to care for Everly all by my self all the time. We both snorted and went on our merry way.

It’s nice to have some humor back in the house!

In other news I’ve attempted to vlog with Everly, it’s less than eventful (unless you like my leaking boob!) but I know some family and friends will appreciate the shared video.

Oh, Everly took 1.5 oz of pumped milk from a bottle this morning while I slept. Woot, woot!

She only wants boob!

We have been trying to get Everly to take a bottle and a pacifier, you know so one day we’ll be able to have a date night or something.

Plus, I would prefer to leave her with a sitter sometimes while I am working… Anything to keep her indoors and cool as opposed to the 80 degree temps and 50% humidity that I am working in while teaching a colorguard. I am worried about her getting dehydrated, overheated, sunburned and bug bitten.

Anyway, we’ve been working at getting her to take pumped milk from a bottle now that breastfeeding is well established and risk for “nipple confusion” has passed. We’ve read books, stocked up on different nipple/ bottle types and I have pumped breast milk.

N tries to give her the bottle when I am still asleep in the mornings. He takes her in a different room or even outside so she’s away from me and my scent. Everyone says that she’ll be more likely to refuse the bottle or pacifier if she knows the real thing is near.

He would love to be a part of the feeding process and has been eager to begin bottle feeding her. Unfortunately she screams bloody murder like he is torturing her each time her tries to offer the bottle to her.

He’s tried the walking around with her in the facing out position like The Nursing Mother’s Companionsays to, she still wont take the bottle. We also read The Complete Book of Breastfeedingfor advice.

We have both tried our hand at the cradle hold and a few other positions, different nipples, feeding at different times etc. We have both tried everything we can think of to ease her in to bottle feeding. We are even offering her a pacifier to get her used to the artificial feel.

We have the Adiri Natural Nurser Bottle,a Gerber Nuk Bottleand the bottles that came in the Medela Breast Pump Accessory Set. We have a Nuk, a Soothie and an Aventpacifier that she’s also refusing.

She simply will not have any part of bottle feeding or pacifiers! She only wants the real thing, which is a nice compliment but at the same time I am worried I’ll never be able to leave her side till she’s weaned of breastfeeding.


I welcome any advice or tips you might have to help get her to take an occasional bottle of pumped milk every now and then.