Someone has a brand-new crib to try out…

Adalyn is approaching 8 months old and we just ordered her crib. Major milestone! We’ve actually been trying to get her crib for many months now but the crib model we’ve been looking for (that matches the set we initially bought for an Everly) has been discontinued by the maker so it’s been a challenge.

Initially, this sent me into a tizzy because we have quite a bit of expensive furniture that all matches in the room the girls will be sharing.  with every lease convertible crib we had just planned to buy the whole furniture set she’d  need as she got older. We have a dresser, hutch and armoire that all match her  bed. The hope was to just buy an additional convertible crib and to keep everything matching since they’ll likely be sharing a room for several years. But when does anything go exactly as planned?

So after several months of hunting around we finally found a crib in a similar finish to the furniture that’s already in the girl’s room. with our tax return money we bought it over the weekend.

Now comes the fun of gradually easing Adalyn into sleeping in the room with Everly!This last week has been filled with lots of talk to prepare Everly for the fact that Adalyn will soon be sleeping in the room she had herself for almost 3 years. We put the crib together in their room and are just waiting for the crib mattress to arrive now.

I’ve been gradually raiding her room of choking hazard toys and we redid the toy organization in her room so that only baby friendly items are accessible from the floor. I’m gradually teaching Everly to utilize shelves that are higher for special books and toys that she doesn’t want her sister getting to. Everly is actually quite excited about it all.

The thing that worries me is that Everly’s excitement will likely result in lots of sleeping time spent awake, if you know what I mean. Everly typically has about 30 min. of ” unwind time” after we read to her and tuck her in before she falls asleep. This ” unwind time” is usually spent reading herself stories aloud, talking to herself in silly voices or singing quite loudly so it will be interesting to see how she acts when Adalyn is sleeping in the room with her. We are also interested to see how Adalyn reacts to Everly’s shenanigans at bedtime.

I plan to start out easing the girls into a shared naptime for now. Adalyn isn’t quite sleeping through the nights and I don’t really think I want to subject Everly to her baby sister is nighttime waking. Somehow I think it will just be more trouble than it’s worth for everybody.

So wish us luck, *fingers crossed* that this transition is smooth sailing. Can you believe how fast these girls have grown up?

Wordless Wednesday: Singing bowl baby

Pretty sure she’ll end up being a percussionist!

Funny thing is some of those tones sound an awful lot like Tibetan singing bowls, the sounds I gave birth to her listening to.

12 months of memories. Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

It is Wednesday and it is also Everly’s 1st birthday so while we will be preoccupied having fun we leave you with a look back on the year wordless Wednesday style.

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Funny how parenthood totally kills your body.

My back adjustment issues started while pregnant with Miss Everly. I’ve always had lower back pain. My tail bone is curved to the side and is the culprit. Before pregnancy stretching, soaking, massage and back walking seemed to do the trick just fine.

Then one day during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy I got way more intense pain. Sitting and standing became unbearable as Everly grew inside me…

After months of bi-monthly adjustments Everly was born and my back pain subsided for the most part, until she got so big. She’s about a 5th of my weight now which means carrying her around on my one hip has started to create some issues for me…

I just had a long overdue adjustment last week and I went and jacked my back up 2 days after that by wrangling a futon all by myself. I have this radiating, aching on the backside and along the top of my left hip bone. Called my lovely chiropractor and he seems to know exactly the cause and says to come in tomorrow so he can fix it.

Carrying around an almost 20lb squirmy girl has my back all whacked out and then I go getting a wild hair and I move her room furniture all around myself… Bad news for the back but good news for the eyes. Her room looks so nice. Dang! Forgot to snap a photo of it to share before she went to bed. Grr…

Oh, yes and we had a fun Easter with Everly. She got her hand made Easter bunny, some baby crocs, a set of play gardening tools, clothes and a few other trinkets in her basket.

The grown adults across from us (we are talking like middle aged adults) had a festive Easter egg hunt in the yard with no kids present. We were laughing about this over brunch and while we got all the compost cleared from the driveway.

Then we headed out to enjoy the sights and get some family photos taken. Here is a sampling of the fun, N excluded of course (He wasn’t excluded from the photo session though). Just can’t be putting public images of him on here.

The garden is coming together nicely and I plan to photograph it and blog about it next. It all depends on how busy Everly keeps me though.

Now that she’s motoring around, my free time is even more diminished. Don’t want to make a habit of her chewing on scissors or eating random chunks of unknown crap off the floor like she did today. Today was a “crap-our-baby-isn’t-stationary-or-dependent-on-us-anymore-gotta-keep-a closer-eye-on-things” kind of parenting fail day. Oops.

Oh and for a flash back to memory lane, here we were 6 months ago: Both of us had much shorter hair!

Wordless Wednesday: Everly records a video for you

Vlog: E’s Meal Time & EC Signs

This is mainly for family because I don’t imagine too many others would be interested in watching a 10min feeding session. E is loving feeding herself these days and she’s kind of demanding as you can see. LOL

Snot bubbles are sad but kind of cute, when they aren’t yours. Don’t you agree?

I’ve used and ENTIRE roll of toilet paper on just my nose blowing today and it hasn’t even been a full day yet! I used up all the Puffs tissue and grabbed a roll of TP this morning.

Basically I am just crazy congested today. The throat soreness has passed and no new symptoms have surfaced so now I am trying to “clear my head”, literally.

Been trying to used the Neti Pot but I am so plugged up the solution wont go into my sinus passages at all. I feel more plugged up now than I did before the Neti pot and what is worse is I have water in my ear now and can’t seems to relieve the pressure or get things to drain.

Last night I tried some spicy tomato tea it sure is hot. So hot it made me violently cough and almost throw up. Did get things draining but didn’t help my ear issue or totally clean out my sinuses.

I broke down and took some Phenylephrine to see if that helps. Normally I’d take Pseudoephedrine but I’ve read about how it can decrease milk supply. I really don’t want to get an ear infection on top of this cold/ sinus thing so I am trying the medicine just this one time to see how things go.

Everly is congested and miserable too. She’s just been cuddling with us, reading stories, crocheting stuff and blowing snot bubbles.

Did I tell you she’s got the hang of the “yes” and “no” head nods and she understands them? She’s showing her displeasure at nap time and snot wiping time by shaking her head “no” and even slapping hands away from her nose. She’s already a feisty one, lol.

She’s still getting my attention and giving some warning before she has to poop, this means I’ve been successful at poop aiming still. Three of her four poops this week have been in the potty which is awesome.

We are dragging our butts out of the house today to take care of some business despite how crappy we feel and it looks like we’ll get our mail delivered & picked up today.

After leaving a note for the neighbor and getting no response we broke down and called the Sheriff. The Sheriff also left a notice about the “abandoned vehicle” on said neighbors door. Amazingly it’s now been moved from in front of our house/ mailbox which means we’ll actually get our darn mail after almost a week of refused delivery.

Yeah, I know it’s all going to bills and junk mail but we are adults and we do need to be taking care of those bills and junk. Can’t go weeks without getting or answering our mail just because someone needed to abandon their car in front of our mailbox.

Road trip adventures Everly enjoyed.

Whew! After a week on the road we needed a day to decompress after getting back to Evansville. Yesterday we sat around in our PJ’s, did many loads of laundry, scrubbed cat vomit from the carpets, cleaned cat boxes… You know all the chores and stuff that go undone while you are away.

Everly was a doll during the trip. The plane ride wasn’t an issue, she nursed and played and sat in our laps for the 10 hour travel day. She did well on the road also. We drove 6-10 hours a day for three days and and she just slept or played with her toys in her seat. As long as we made frequent stops for diaper changes and feedings she was happy.

We did crazy things to entertain her and ourselves when it was time to stretch the legs. Here is an example:


Speaking of changings… We made it the whole trip on just the twenty or so cloth diapers I have. We only had to wash them once right before we hit the road to head home. 7 days, 20+ diapers = 1 wash. When we got home E had to sleep in a disposable overnight while every single diaper we had was being laundered. I am proud to have cloth diapered the whole trip though. It was a breeze!

As for feedings, I just breastfed her as usual and supplemented with baby foods and snack puffs as usual. Now, she’s really getting in to being involved in meal time though!

When we stopped for a snack at the mall with my mom Everly grabbed my straw right from my mouth and even sucked juice from it (which she’s never been given the opportunity to do). She is hardly doing the sipply cup thing so we were pretty surprised at her instinctual straw drinking.


I was just glad I was pinching the straw and holding on to it tightly or she would have successfully gotten a mouthful of sugary strawberry lemonade up it and in to her mouth. No sugary lemonade for baby! Luckily we have a straw type sipply cup thanks to Maiden53, time to bust it out.

Now she’s getting more adventurous with her foods too. She’s just starting to get the hang of her sippy cup and is having “juice water”. She’s also enjoying sampling new flavors on the go. Like the skinless tomato chunk I stole from my mom’s plate and gave to her…

She would gladly try more things like our coffee and over processed junk food we are enjoying if we let her. We are being super selective about what we let her have, we are overprotective parents :-P

We have moved through all the organic stage one flavors of food and are progressing to more exciting flavors (not more sugary though). I am a sugar natzi, sugar has had a major impact on my brothers as they were growing up. One has a sugar addiction still. So we are trying to get her in to the bland flavors before the sugary ones are introduced, so she’s not always expecting her foods to be sweet and sugary.

Thanks to her meal time interest we were even able to brave a Denny’s one morning for breakfast. She sat in a yucky high chair like a big girl and we ate a meal together.


She of course didn’t order off the restaurant menu, she opted for boobie and a nap while we finished our meal. It was progress though.

As scary and anxiety ridden the idea of taking a trip with baby seems I am glad we did it. Once you are in the thick of it you realize it’s really not all that insane and it provides baby with much needed stimulation and the opportunity to adjust to changing situations.

We’ll probably be taking many more trips as a family now that we know how adaptable and well behaved E can be (if money permits).

I need to get all this crap from point A to point B… without paying a ton!

Looks like we’ll be trying to get a weeks worth of stuff for us and E in to two carry on bags, a diaper bag and a laptop bag. Yeah, I know. Go ahead and laugh in my face now… I’ll wait. :o

I am a Tetris master which means I rock at utilizing every available free space when packing, I’ll do well at really loading up the bags we are able to carry on the plane. I still think we’ll just have too much crap though.

We are flying out to Arizona and then driving the 1800 miles back to Evansville later that week. Translation= Airline hell + road trip hell + hotel hell.

We’ve already decided we need to bring the Pack N Play to Arizona since there is no way E will sleep in an unfamiliar bassinet or crib. We are going to ship it there in advance via FedEx since it will be cheaper for shipping than it will be to pay to check the thing.

We also had to figure out how to get the car seat and stroller out there. The car seat is obviously for the road trip back, the stroller is basically our bassinet on wheels for E’s naps and transportation during our full day of airport fun. We have a pretty long layover before we get on the big plane and make our way to Arizona.

Plus, we are holding E on our lap for the entire flight so the last thing we are gonna want to do is hold her some more while we walk the airport and wait for our connecting flight.

Turns out we can indeed gate check the stroller and car seat free of charge for the flight down… I’ve heard talk of some airlines only allowing an umbrella stroller, others don’t specify a stroller type. We are flying Delta and I am hoping we can take our bigger, travel system stroller since E is able to recline, be covered and easily nap it it.

I am not excited about how all this will impact little Everly’s sleep schedule. Poor thing is going to be so overstimulated and confused by the change in routine. I hope she is adaptable.

The other thing I am weighing is cloth diapering on flight day. Cloth is bulky, much more than disposables which will limit how much we are able to fit in our bags. Plus there is the lugging around soiled diapers on flight day. Although, I might get a kick out of someone searching my pile of soiled diapers at security. LOL.

We will need all our diapers and also our diaper detergent for washing them throughout the week. What I can’t determine is whether or not it would be cheaper to cloth diaper on the trip or not. We could ship the diapers and detergent down with the pack n play, we could carry it all on with our belongings, we could just buy disposables…

I am just not in the mindset to be making decisions or weighing any options it seems. I am too tired, overwhelmed and would love to just pretend like I don’t have to decide or figure anything out. It’s too bad I can’t hit the pause button on life until I am ready to resume and go forward.

As poop watch 2009 draws to an end steamy good news arrives.

For those of you following on Twitter, Poop Watch 2009 brings good news today!

After a week and a visit to the doctor Everly has finally pooed. Remember last week when N and E hung out at home and scarfed a jar of sweet potato in absence of boob? Well, she hasn’t pooped since then.

I searched the internetz about baby poop habits at 6 months. Apparently breastfed babies can have this lack of poop thing and it’s not a sign of issues.

Today at her well baby checkup we talked about her increasing crankiness and lack of poop. She didn’t even sleep last night which means neither did I. The doc said a little rectal “stimulation” with a thermometer and some Vaseline would get things going.

But before we did anything rectal we both came home and took a nice long morning nap. Functioning on 1 hour of sleep wasn’t working well for either of us.

When we woke I gathered up all the rectal supplies and headed in to change her diaper… Low and behold…


She did it on her own in her sleep. All the grunting, fussing and trying to force it was useless. She just needed to be so tired she would zonk out and not wake to try forcing it some more. A bit of relaxation and rest let it come right out.

It was thick, sticky, semi-solid, smelly and such a relief to see! The consistency resembled those first meconium poos but it was brownish orange and not black. I knew you wanted to know! LOL.

Sorry to over share but this seriously makes my day. Here is the obligatory poop pic: