Snot bubbles are sad but kind of cute, when they aren’t yours. Don’t you agree?

I’ve used and ENTIRE roll of toilet paper on just my nose blowing today and it hasn’t even been a full day yet! I used up all the Puffs tissue and grabbed a roll of TP this morning.

Basically I am just crazy congested today. The throat soreness has passed and no new symptoms have surfaced so now I am trying to “clear my head”, literally.

Been trying to used the Neti Pot but I am so plugged up the solution wont go into my sinus passages at all. I feel more plugged up now than I did before the Neti pot and what is worse is I have water in my ear now and can’t seems to relieve the pressure or get things to drain.

Last night I tried some spicy tomato tea it sure is hot. So hot it made me violently cough and almost throw up. Did get things draining but didn’t help my ear issue or totally clean out my sinuses.

I broke down and took some Phenylephrine to see if that helps. Normally I’d take Pseudoephedrine but I’ve read about how it can decrease milk supply. I really don’t want to get an ear infection on top of this cold/ sinus thing so I am trying the medicine just this one time to see how things go.

Everly is congested and miserable too. She’s just been cuddling with us, reading stories, crocheting stuff and blowing snot bubbles.

Did I tell you she’s got the hang of the “yes” and “no” head nods and she understands them? She’s showing her displeasure at nap time and snot wiping time by shaking her head “no” and even slapping hands away from her nose. She’s already a feisty one, lol.

She’s still getting my attention and giving some warning before she has to poop, this means I’ve been successful at poop aiming still. Three of her four poops this week have been in the potty which is awesome.

We are dragging our butts out of the house today to take care of some business despite how crappy we feel and it looks like we’ll get our mail delivered & picked up today.

After leaving a note for the neighbor and getting no response we broke down and called the Sheriff. The Sheriff also left a notice about the “abandoned vehicle” on said neighbors door. Amazingly it’s now been moved from in front of our house/ mailbox which means we’ll actually get our darn mail after almost a week of refused delivery.

Yeah, I know it’s all going to bills and junk mail but we are adults and we do need to be taking care of those bills and junk. Can’t go weeks without getting or answering our mail just because someone needed to abandon their car in front of our mailbox.

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