Sneeze-poop and other randomness…

Been having a sort of weird week here. As you probably already read it’s been warm here and we are loving the outdoor time and the taste of spring.

We got to take our first glances around the garden to see what survived the winter frost and we made some progress on this years garden to do list.

I’ve also been feeling particularly weird health wise this week. Monday afternoon I about split my head open in the shower, thankfully Nathan was there to catch me. Unfortunately it traumatized Everly a bit. Apparently I completely passed out in the hot shower. I only remember feeling dizzy and about to pass out. Nathan assures me I did blank out and was falling down.

I’ve been known to pass out before, usually with blood draws but it is always attributed to lowered blood pressure and is never a concern for my doctors. It’s still kind of a poop-smear on the day though.

Then today I ate some apple slice and had a few sips of fruit juice. I got all shaky and kind of felt like my heart was pounding, what I attribute to my body’s issue with sugar too early in the morning. So I laid down to rest while the effects wore off. Later when I got up to join Everly and Nathan in the garden I got the sudden feeling I would soon vomit. Took a few breaths and puked up my juice and apple slice.

Everly of course was standing by and being traumatized by the incident again. She called it a “sneeze-poop”, no it is not because I pooped. She just thinks anything gross and messy is poop. When the cat barfs, when there is cat litter on the floor, when the dog poops in the yard. It is all poop to her. I guess the forceful vomiting resembled a sneeze in her eyes. Hence the “sneeze-poop”.

I feel like the weird vomiting is from a hormonal surge or something cause I was not feeling sick to my stomach at all before or after the incident. Maybe it is just some 13 week delayed morning sickness or something. Weird.

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