Parenting Dellirium: Laughing at yourself is best in these situations.

This week has been one of unexpected brain fogginess. I really have nothing specific to blame it on. Maybe a lack of Omegas in the diet or something similar? Stress or sleep related? Who knows!

Anyway, it all started with arriving at playdate this week with Adalyn only partly dressed. The thing was I actually had a semi-full nights sleep this time, so there was no excuse. At playdate,  when I lifted her skirt to change her diaper I discovered the still-fastened-inside-the-dress-bloomers hanging from the inside sides of her dress. I discovered this In front of all the other playdate moms, we all had a nice laugh about it.

I have no idea how I managed to get the dress over her head, get her arms in the arm holes and diaper her without noticing the still attached bloomers inside the new dress. At least I managed to remove the price tag from the dress I guess, but still…

Then later in the week another mom and I are searching high and low for a kombucha SCOBY that I’d brought and left for her at the playdate house… we can’t find it anywhere! Eventually we go home and decide it’s gone for good.

Now, normally in my sleep I am known to work magic, like choreographing dance moves or thinking up solutions or finding lost items. At 4 am on Saturday morning it hits me- the SCOBY I brought for Jaqueline on Tuesday that is was determined missing on Friday is actually…

… still in the arm rest console of my HOT car!

“Omg! It is still in the car? How hasn’t it exploded through the sealed glass jar yet? Is it dead?” I think to myself in a groggy semi-sleeping state.

This is a big deal because a kombucha SCOBY is a living organism of bacteria and it makes a carbonated, sweet yet tart beverage out of the sweat tea it is stored in. Kombucha can and does explode for many people when left sealed and forgotten. Just because you’ve forgotten about it doesn’t mean it stops growing.

Turns out I’d tucked it away Tuesday on the way to playgroup so it wouldn’t spill in transport and then totally forgot about it, for 3 days.

Upon retrieving it Saturday it amazingly still looks great and shows no signs of “going south”. Makes sense since kombucha ferments at room temperature anyway. But it’s been 100 degrees each day, the car must have gotten way warmer. I am amazed but figure the heat probably killed it. This bay call for a little kombucha experiment in the future.

Anyway, the point of this post: I am a bumbling idiot parent this week. *waves*

I’d like to blame it on a long week of disrupted schedules and wacky sleep but truthfully  OR I must be losing my mind.

Luckily I can always laugh at myself and all the silliness. Everyone needs a good laugh now and then, right?

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