Freecycle pets… Got one?

We are suckers for freecycle, who doesn’t LOVE free stuff? You can get or give just about anything through your local freecycle group but how many of you have received pets this way? We have, a few times actually!

Giving your pet away online may seem kind of strange to some. Trust me it is not really that odd, I mean giving a pet up on freecycle is better than dumping it somewhere and abandoning it right? I definitely think so!

We have received 3 different pets via the freecycle network. First we received a female zebra finch, then we we gave some away once they mated. We got our dog, Dixie from Maiden53 and most recently N got some hamsters and cages from freecycle that we will be housing for a few months then giving to a friend.

If you are looking for a pet or if you can no longer care for the one you have consider freecycling it! Just be sure to screen for a good home. You’ll be keeping unwanted animals out of the shelters and off the streets, that is always a good thing!

So, now I want to hear your freecycle stories. What have you received or given to others through the network?

Making the yard sale happen!

Well, I am going forward with the yard sale.. I want to have it July 26th & 27th in my driveway here in Flagstaff. My mother has agreed to visit for the weekend and help us, yay! We will drink brandy all day and sit in the driveway trying to sell off our crap! Maybe we can even have the Nissan brought back up here for the yard sale so we can sell it that same day!

Oooo, maybe our doggies old owner could visit that weekend also! You see we got our Dixie on freecycle and we have always offered to let her old owners visit her except it has been so busy that it has yet to happen. Maybe yard sale weekend huh?

Yesterday I spent the morning out the the shed pulling boxes out, going through them, sorting and putting stuff back into the shed. Amazingly there is not as much crap in there as I thought, still plenty to get rid of but not as bad as I imagined! Here is a slide show of the project:

Now I need to tackle the inside crap, like our spare room- craft room. We had everything we didn’t plan on unpacking (since we only expected to be here 6 months) shoved into the walk in closet in that room. Over the weekend while we were looking for our Harkens souvenir cup we pulled everything out of there that we wanted to sort, consolidate and possibly get rid of… It is a mess, I took some photos just for you!

Now I need some advice about yard sales and moving, got any great pointers? I was thinking about putting an ad about the sale on Flagstaff, Craig’slist. How else can I advertise for the sale? How much cash do you think I will need for making change? Do people barter much at yard sales, if so how much do I charge/ markup stuff? Help me, share your knowledge…

I am home, woho!

Last night we got back to town at 1am. Our time on the party bus officially had ended! It was an interesting time. The party bus was so cool but not conductive to an 8 hour drive, things were a bit tight and uncomfortable but it made for some great memories. We had a great driver, Kevin, who took very good care of us despite the fact that one of our students hit the “dump” button instead of the “flush” button in the bus bathroom.

Our transportation was provided by InTheSceneLimousine, an Arizona Based transportation company for those of you who are wondering. We had a very positive experience with them on this trip, besides aren’t the vehicles awesome looking?

The kids played movies on the bus, guitar hero, they could hook up their IPODS and play music, there were outlets under the seats so you could use your computer, charge your camera and so on.

The entertainment was endless but I have to say the most entertaining thing for a group of kids was a deck of cards. They played BS for hours and hours!

The most memorable time while at Disneyland was being run over by the stroller mob while trying to exit the park Friday night. We were wearing flip flops and I was ran over several times by strollers, those moms just mow you down!

The students got to play on stage in Disneyland on Saturday, that is always a super cool experience for music students and all our kids were well behaved on the trip. It was a good time and I am glad I went, I am beat now but I have today to recuperate!

I’ll share more pictures later, but for now I need to shower and drive down to phoenix to pick N up and bring him (and Dixie) home! Oh, gas is $3.99 a gallon now, before we left for the trip it was $3.89… It has increased $1.50 in the last two months, it is sickening.

Oh, Keep your fingers crossed for us, we are expecting to hear back about N’s job interview next week!

Crazy weather makes my animals crazy!

Just so you know, it is currently snowing, hailing and raining in spurts here and is supposed to continue through the weekend. If you are heading to Northern Arizona for some memorial day camping or outdoor fun be advised- It is damn cold!

We are not planning any outdoor fun this weekend but the weather surely impacts our lives regardless of our indoor plans… It make the animals crawl the dang walls! I swear it is like we have toddlers gnomes roaming the house at night…

N woke up this morning to Mr. Guy jumping on his face, yep it drew blood and made him rather grumpy since it occurred at 5am. Then N ventured out to the kitchen to get coffee started and the freezer door was open! Our other cat, Jack, has an obsession with walking on the top to the fridge/ freezer and he somehow opens the freezer door leaving the food to melt and spoil.

After N solved the bloody face and freezer door issues he sees that cat sh!t has been strewn all over the hallway. Our dog, Dixie, has to be gated off from the guest bath where the litter box is. She feels cat poo is the most scrumptious treat and she will leave little poo crumbs at and all around the scene of the crime.

After N cleaned up the poo crumbs in the hall he put Dixie outside, she likes to jump around and bark in the mornings to instigate “play time” while I am still sleeping. N puts her outside to keep the house quiet till I wake. Unfortunately it is blistering cold today so leaving the dog out to get frostbite wasn’t a good plan. He brought her inside, she noisily tried to get him to play with her. He turned his back on her and she went off barking. This angered him of course.

N had a rough morning, to say the least. Our animals are grooming us well for parenthood, they give me gray hairs! Jack is a fan of scratching the door jams so we cover them all with clear tape so he can’t grip them. He also can shred a cardboard box in a matter of days so this makes packing, moving or living out of boxes a problem.

Andrew can open doors and switch the lights off and on which makes shower time a blast, he is also great at escaping the house through window screens, doggie doors and more! Oh and he can jump on top of doors, yes on the very top of them while staying balanced in order to get to something he really want (aka the birds).

Hailey makes all the other animals angry at her and they often gang up on her throwing tufts of hair everywhere while over exaggerating loud cat fight screaming and yowling (you would think something was being killed!)

Mr. Guy is our schedule keeper and will loose his mind if we don’t keep the routine going each and every day! He wakes us up and will pace the room crying, getting in your face and triping you till you do what he thinks you are supposed to. This includes shower time for N and feeding time but is known to extend to other tasks from time to time. Oh and he pees in the tub/ sink when he feels the box is to much of a hassle.

Oh and the birds (Zebra Finches) have 19 eggs in their nest today! I know they didn’t lay all 19 recently. Only about 10 are recent but they just keep laying eggs, burying them in the nest and laying more. Guess they are having fertility issues too!

Create your own puzzles at!

Ugh, it is enough to make you crazy! We are so ready for a human child… I think. ;-P

Happier monday- stinky dog..

N had today off and we had a whole slew of things to get done around here. I went in for my second blood work appointment… Still no answers or info about my cycles and whether or not I am ovulating. I am still on my quest to eat more and am sadly coming out about 400 calories short each day..

Dixie has been doing the butt dragging thing lately and has been shedding lots so we decided we would take her to the groomer today while we were running errands and having my blood drawn. They do a “full tune up” over at petsmart, teeth, nails, anal glands, washing, ear cleaning etc.. So we figured everyone would benefit from taking her to he groomer. She was so scared to go away with the strange grooming lady but boy did she look and smell nice afterwards!

Today was the first day back to school after my students got 3rd place at championships. No, I am not done teaching till June! Things are more low key from here till the end of the school year but I am still teaching and working with them. We are doing a fun little hip hop number that is a bit out of my comfort zone, I can only dance classically and gracefully.. Hip hop it awkward and foreign but we are going to do it anyway!

I am still stressed out and exhausted but am seeing things in happier light as each day passes. I just be happy to have all my infertility questions answered when my blood work comes back.

It is only 6am, let me sleep!

My cats are so annoying sometimes, Mr. guy especially! He is a control freak and will have litle temper tantrums if life does not follow the routine HE is used to.

N did not come home last night, that is a routine disruption. N usually gets up at about 6 or 7 am everyday and I will get up around 8 am. this morning Mr. guy proceeded to paw at me, pull the covers off of me and he even tried to weasel his way under the covers so he could scratch me. It was 6am, nobody was awake so he took it upon himself to try every trick in the book to wake me.

Pawing at the blinds to make noise, touching me with his wet/ cold nose, jumping on my head, pulling the covers off of me and scratching me were his torture tactics. He HAD to get me up because the world would end if the schedule & routine are not adhered to.

If cats are so smart that they can memorize schedules and routines to the minute then why can’t they recognize who the person is that usually completes the tasks? I m not the early riser nor do I want to be. I don’t care if you want me to wake up so leave me the freak alone!!

So I caved. I got up early thanks to Mr. guy and was in the process of taking my waking temperature. Once I recorded it I was feeling relaxed and had begun to doze off. Yes! I was going back to sleep.

Then Andrew strolls in and decides he needs to lay in the plastic bag of clothes by my bed. He rustles the plastic as much as he possibly can, Mr. guy is still using his torture tactics on me and I just yell “Fine! I am up you freaking ass holes!”. Dixie who is patiently sleeping in the doorway to the bedroom becomes frightened at my sudden outburst. Did she do something wrong? She vacates the area just to be sure.

I stumble across the bedroom looking for my PJ’s and Jack darts under my feet and meows at me, then Hailey comes in and meows too. I have only been up for 10 minutes and they are making me crazy! Am I irritable today or what? I am pretty sure I just wanted to have restful calm morning.

Turns out the gato food bowls are empty. They had food when I went to bed last night so they aren’t starving! Apparently having empty food bowls throws them into a tizzy! That is why the world is ending for them today. Is it mean that I am not rushing to fill the bowls back up? It’s only fair to torture them a bit in return right? LOL (Don’t worry I am only kidding, don’t report me.)


Oh- for those of you following my post yesterday, N’s footage about the FLDS situation aired in Colorado and is available online for your viewing pleasure.. You can check it out @

I am a sucky pet owner :-(

Now that N’s work schedule has changed I am dropping him off at work in the morning and we usually take our dog on the car rides with us.

Well today we got home from dropping N off at work, my hands we full of crap and I was trying to get Dixie out of the car and into the yard. The neighbor dogs were out running around the street again so I grabbed my things, closed my car door, opened Dixie’s car door, she jummped out and then I closed the car door.

Dixie yelps and then jumps on me like something has hurt her, I looked around to assess the situation, she was not stuck in the car door or anything so I petted her and got her into the yard. She was still acting frantic and strange so I brought her inside and she started licking her tail and acting like it hurt.

I noticed there was a small amount of blood coming from her tail, it was splattering things has she wagged it so I fugured I closed the very tip of her tail in the car door and that I needed to get a look at her tail to see how badly she was hurt.

Being the hyper dog that she is she should not let me look at her tail, she kept licking me and the tail and kicking me to keep me from getting to it. I knew I needed to make sure she was okay and that I needed to see the tail damage so N came home to help me distract her/ hold her down while I checked the tail out.

We ended up shaving the tail fur down so we could see better. By the time N got home the minor bleeding had stopped. turns out the car door broke the skin on her tail and cut her. The tail is not broken and has stopped bleeding completely but I feel bad anyway.

15 minutes later she is back to her normal self and enjoying her treats I gave her out of guilt for hurting her. I am a sucky pet owner today!

Upper respiratory infections in pets.

While we were moving in to our new place we were nicely greeted by a neighborhood dog. She was pretty and very friendly. She had a tag on that said her name was Lady and she apparently lived across the street from us. We gave her a pat, pat and our Dixie (our dog) played with her in our yard.

Out here in the rural subdivision we live in people have the tendency to allow their animals and small children to wander about the neighborhood without supervision. I guess they must feel it is safer because we aren’t in heart of a crime ridden city but still that is no reason to let everyone run amok. That is a rant for another day though.

Anyway, we kept the friendly dog out of our house and went about our business moving in. We didn’t bother to try and take her back to her home because we had the feeling she was allowed to run the neighborhood as were most dogs in the area.

A week after we were moved in we discovered that Dixie had a strange eye discharge, her eyes we watering like crazy and the discharge was greenish. We figured she had picked up and eye infection from playing with Lady on move in day (or that one of the cats had scratched her eye). We wiped her eyes out for a week with warm washcloth and eventually the eye discharge cleared up.

Well last week Andrew (one of our cats) began sneezing like crazy and his eyes were watering, he was sluggish for a few days and then back to normal but now Jack and Mr. Guy (also cats) are sneezing and displaying the same symptoms. Except they are much worse that Andrew was. Jack can barely breathe and he seldom eats or drinks anything now.

It appears our household has contracted an upper respiratory infection. In felines this infection is highly contagious and is often treated with costly antibiotics at the veterinarian. We don’t have the money to be taking all our animals to the vet for antibiotics and would prefer not to unless they absolutely need it. Besides we prefer to do things a bit more naturally.

A few years back a coworker gave me a bottle of Colloidal Silver and explained how it is great remedy for many ailments. It’s apparently a naturally occurring mineral that when taken clears up many infections, much like an antibiotic. We have a bottle of it from that worker (she got it at a natural food store) that I have used occasionally with great results! Today I was thinking it may also benefit my sick kitties.

I set out to learn about it’s impact on animals. Obviously I am not trying to give my pets something that could harm them so I did some research on Colloidal Silver and animals.

Lots of people have used it on their animals for various aliments. It is given topically, rectally and orally depending on the problem. It is even administered to treat minor sicknesses in dogs and cats. I found a fellow blogger who has shared his success with Colloidal Silver and his pets.

It appears Colloidal Silver is successful in animals so I gave my furry friends some today to help them get over the respiratory infection. If you are looking for information on how Colloidal Silver is used for pets and/ or it’s safety check out this Google search for Colloidal Silver for pets.


Update 1 day later-

Jack’s symptoms have greatly improved and he is acting more himself, I only added a few drops to water and fed it to him via dropper. However, I have received much information from readers about the potentially harmful side effects of Colloidal Silver.

I do not want to give anyone bad advice or only provide one side of the story so I feel it is appropriate to update this post to include some of the potentially harmful side effects of Colloidal Silver.

As with anything you should consult your doctor before taking it and you should get all the facts! To help you with this I want to share some of the useful information about how Colloidal Silver could harm you.

I did some reading and found that a site that outlines that “The best known consequence of over consumption of silver is argyria. Most authorities state that argyria is disfiguring because of the discoloration of the skin but has no other harmful consequences. With argyria, silver is taken internally in excess and the excess is deposited in the skin, organs and other tissues. This causes the skin to turn a gray or bluish gray color. Upon exposure to strong sunlight, skin of the affected individuals can turn a dark brown or black color. This coloration is permanent. In addition to argyria, the intake of very large doses (far in excess of the amount that causes discoloration of the skin) of silver can cause neurological damage, organ damage and arteriosclerosis.”

Fore more reading on the risks of Colloidal Silver check out:

If you have something to share on this topic please don’t hesitate to post a comment below. Knowledge is power, I want to be informed and to provide helpful information to my readers so they can make the best decision for themselves!

Our stove was on fire!

no-stove.jpgYep, you read it right… Our stove caught fire tonight! I baked some chicken breasts in the oven and then turned the stove off. N and I were eating dinner and this repulsive smell was wafting through the house. I mentioned it to N several times over dinner.

Eventually the smell got stronger and then this blueish smoke started to fill the kitchen. We hunted around trying to find the source of the smell. The stove was off but we were sure it was the culprit! We decided that it would be best to unplug it just to be safe…

Unfortunately unplugging the stove didn’t stop the outpouring of smoke and the noxious fumes and N thought it would be best to call the fire department. We secured the animals and called the fire department, they told us to get out of the house. So we put Dixie out back, locked the cats into the back bedroom, moved bunny and closed all the room doors.

I was chatting with my website host on the computer at the time so I put on my jacket, grabbed the lease, phone and the laptop and went out onto the porch to wait for the firemen to come. My mom would have been so excited that firemen were coming!

When the firemen arrived they agreed, the stove was some how on fire so they dragged it out the back door and proceeded to put the fire out. Turns out the insulation inside the walls of the stove some how ignited… Nice!

N came home for a relaxing dinner break and had to deal with toxic, flaming insulation fumes, about 8 firemen and a sheriff that all knew him because of his job. Now the house is freezing cold (cause we had to air it out) our stove is out back in the snow and the house is about 50 degrees.

Man our heating bill is going to hurt now but hey, makes for a good blog entry!


The birds got free and other crazy pet stories…

Well today was quite an eventful day! The school district called another snow day so I didn’t have to teach again today. I slept in a bit and then got up and let the Alexandria Maybelle (our bunny) run around the house. She was jumping and running in her cage and it seemed like she wanted to stretch her legs, so we put Dixie in her home and let Alexandria out of hers.

While bunny was running free N comes to me and declares “she did it”! She did what I asked… Turns out our female finch laid an egg today despite the fact that we removed their nest!

Our finches are currently raising 3 babies, the babies just started feeding themselves and today we discovered more laid eggs! We took the nest from the cage because we didn’t want our finches to lay anymore eggs and all the literature said that without a nest they would not lay eggs. We wanted some time before more babies were hatched.

Well, guess that idea is out the window! So, we went into the office to see the freshly laid egg and to decide what to do next.

We decided to remove the babies from the cage the parents were in. All the literature says that the parents would pluck the baby’s feathers and may kill them when they are trying to reproduce again.

We borrowed this cage from my mother, we are giving my parents a finch once the babies are sexed and older so they lent us a cage that we will transport their baby in when it’s time.

Anyway, we decided to put the babies in the borrowed cage but had a slight problem, the finches flew right between the bars of the cage! We had 4 birds flying free all over the office… Thankfully our cats we all out of the office so the birds were safe.

We attempted to shoot a video of us trying to get the birds back in the cage…

We also had some fun times with the crazy snow that has fallen lately.. We have had 2 snow days in a row and have had lots of snow to shovel.

Life is a zoo with pets!

Sometimes animals can be such a handful! Early this morning I woke up to the sound of our dog sifting through the recycle bin and licking tin cans. The last time our dog ate trash it was a messy situation if you know what I mean.. So I had to get out of bed and go stop the dog from eating trash in early this morning. Funny thing is that when I got to her she had grabbed the trash she wanted and she brought it into her home (we crate train her and she sleeps in her open crate as a comfort, the crate is called her home). So, my morning started extra early thanks to Miss Dixie…

I have more animal news to report. This morning after a nice big cup of coffee I checked the finches and noticed that our female finch laid another egg… Now we have two! My mom was right I need to get busy gathering information about the coming baby finches!

I learned today that the finches will eat and then regurgitate into the chicks mouths. The hen will generally lay one egg per day up to about 8 eggs will be laid! 8 eggs? What are we going to do with 10 finches?? Dang we need a plan.. 😮

When the hen is done laying her eggs (these eggs are considered a clutch) she will begin to sit on the clutch, this is when the incubation period begins. The eggs will begin to hatch about 13-14 days from when the incubation period begins. Eggs that do not hatch 20 days from the incubation period should be discarded as they are not fertile.

Now I need an additional bird cage and some people to give my future finches a home…

Digital photography- a photo blog

So, I have been having some fun with digital photography lately. I am participating in photography challenges @ and I am also selling prints of some of my best photos @

I have some fun photos that I would like to share with you that are not part of a challenge. I have been capturing quite a few interesting shots on my quest for perfect photos. Here they are:





Random musings…..

Tuesday is my birthday and my family is coming to see me for the weekend. Today was one of my “almost days off” so I tried to get some house cleaning and straightening done.

One of my main focuses is my bulb garden. I have been watering the flower beds and trying to get all my outdoor furniture/ areas cleaned and ready for use for this weekend. I simply cannot wait for my bulbs to bloom…

I had both the back and front doors open, I was enjoying the fresh air as I worked to clean the house. Then I notice that my lovely neighbor has parked on my front porch again in a attempt to make me angry. I thought it was silly so I snapped a photo of it.

The Crazy Neighbors Park Job

I also snapped a photo of the office I am trying to tidy up. It’s beginning to look like a loosing battle. I use half of the office for my personalized gift business. My boxes of inventory are taking over the office..

My office mess

My dog has just knocked all my plants over in an attempt to “get” my neighbor who is taunting her through the front window..

Knocked over plants

I am off to clean up the mess now. Oh, and I can’t wait to own a house so I don’t have to live in such close proximity to incosiderate and immature neighbors..

My butt is sore….

Okay, so yesterday we took our dog and set out to hike to the top of Mt. Elden here in Flagstaff, AZ. When we first moved up here we tried but only made it half way… We vowed to make it to the top before we move away and we finally accomplished this yesterday.Taking a break on the way up

The hike up really kicked my butt but N and Dixie were doing fine. I made them stop for breaks very often (I was having breathing trouble). We really had no idea what a hike it was till it was over.. turns out we hiked 6 miles in about 4 1/2 – 5 hours (with all our breaks) and we went from 6,900′ to 9,295′ elevation.

You can read more information about the tail specifics by visiting: the Elden Lookout Trail #4 page at the forest service website.

We took forever to get up to the top but our hike down was a ton faster!! I got stuck in some thigh deep snow near the top of the mountain and our dog almost broke my leg pulling me down the trail while I was stuck…

It was strange to have 60 degree temperatures in town and when we reached the top of the mountain we found very deep semi packed snow. It just shows how high up we really went!

Once the hike was over our knees and ankles hurt so we grabbed tons of junk food, brought it upstairs to the bedroom and we laid in bed while munching junk and watching the 40 year old virgin.

This morning we can walk (amazingly) but I have sore really sore butt muscles..

on our hike up Mt Elden

Daily happenings…

I just spent the last thirty minutes urging my mother to sit down and write a blog about her health concerns so I guess I better write one too!
I don’t have any major observations or life lessons to share, only my day to day happenings.

I am just getting back into the swing of things with my teaching. This was the first week back to school for my high school kids. We have a performance in two weeks so we are busy fine tuning stuff.

Dixie our doggie is doing awesome! She is not having any accidents and she is adjusting very well to our life. She gets sad when we go off to work and she is starting to learn our schedule. It’s crazy when your pets learn your daily schedule..
She is also starting to break her jumping habit. She is about 55 lbs. and she gets excited easily. When we would come home she would jump up on us and try to lick us. It was an adorable display of affection but her nails would scratch us and she is big enough to knock you right over if you are not careful.. So we have been trying to discourage her from jumping.

Today was a breakthrough day because when I came home from teaching she ran over to me at the front door, she sat in front of me and waited to be loved. I was so excited!! I have her tummy scratches and treats for being such a good girl.

I am also sewing on my brand new singer sewing machine today. Nathan got me a sewing machine and I love it! It has instructions (which make things a ton easier) and it’s about 40 years newer than my other sewing machine so its more innovative and user friendly. I hemmed a pair of my pants and I am working on sewing a stool cover for Nathan’s chair. I plan to build up my handmade denim purse stock also, but probably not today..

We are supposed to get some pretty major storms here in the next week or so. Next week they are estimating about 3 feet, so that is exciting! How is everyone else doing??

Green Christmas

We are back from our holiday trip! Nathan and I headed down to the valley for our holiday celebrations. We took Dixie with us and she was so good! She just slept in the truck and she was very well behaved at my mother’s house (where we stayed).

This is me, Nathan and Dixie leaving Flagstaff on Devember 23. We are heading down to Phoenix for the holidays.

We spent the holidays with family down in phoenix because this is going to be our last Christmas living here in Arizona and we wanted to try and see everyone. On Christmas Eve we celebrated with my family at my moms house and on Christmas we went to see Nathan’s family in Scottsdale. We came home to celebrate on our own Christmas night.

This is Nathan, Jacob and Jerry playing the board game Cranium against me, my mom and Amanda on Christmas Eve after we celebrated.

This is Nathan, me and Mary Ellen on Christmas Day.

Once we got back to the comfort of our own home Dixie crashed! She had a long weekend of meeting new people and seeing new places!

I had a very green friendly Christmas!! My mother got me the rain water barrel that I mentioned a while back here on my blog and Nathan got me a compositor so our little back yard area is all rigged up with our earth friendly contraptions now.

Did you know: “Home composting, combined with recycling and yard waste programs, can reduce your waste by up to 80%”

We are so excited to report our rainwater barrel is collecting water right this very moment! We got some snow yesterday and it’s still snowing today.. As the snow melts and runs off the roof it’s draining into our rain water barrel. Come spring we will have about 50 gallons of free “gray water” to use on our plants! Also, we may have several pounds of compost for our plants depending on how fast the waste decomposes!

Cheesy Bone Doggie Treats and Snow

Well, Nathan and I went for an afternoon walk into downtown Flagstaff for some coffee and snacks. We took Dixie and ended up at Late for The Train to sit outside with our new doggie while we at pastries, drank coffee and got snowed on.

Dixie loved the snow, my hands were cold but other than that it was a nice exercising walk.

When we got home and thawed out I went searching for a doggie treat recipe that I could whip up. While I made the doggie treats I watched the snow from our kitchen window.

I wanted to share the doggie treat recipe and the snow pictures with you.

Cheesy Bone Treats

2 cups all purpose flour
1 1/4 cup cheese, any kind, shredded
2 garlic cloves, minced
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup water

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Combine
flour, cheese, garlic and oil, knead well. Add water, if needed to form stiff dough. Roll out on floured surface to 1/2″ thick, cut into shapes. Place on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake 10 to 15 minutes or until bottoms are lightly browned. Cool on wire rack. Refrigerate in airtight container. (recipe from:

New family member and snow…

We adopted a dog and we got snow last night. The doggie came from a home where she was to much to handle. She needed more attention so they gave her to us.

She is understandably very uncomfortable in her new surroundings. She is trying to make friends with our cats but they are not enthusiastic about her right now.

She is scared of the train that goes by our house every 15 minutes and she is not to used to having cars all around her when she goes outside.

She hasn’t gone to the bathroom since we picked her up at noon yesterday. We have been walking her every 2 hours or so. We even set the alarm to take her out at 3am this morning. She just wont pee! Well, she did pee a little when we came home from the store.. She was so scared she barked ran and peed a bit until she recognized us.

She is very well behaved and is super patient with the cats. She is friendly and loves people. We are happy to have her but we hope she goes to the bathroom soon! Here are some pictures:



After about 24 hours of not using the bathroom Dixie finally went yesterday right after I wrote this blog entry. She is doing very well here and we are so happy to have her!!

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