Craft Shows, Grand Canyon Tours and Orders.. Oh my!!

Some family came to visit us this last week before the craziness of the holidays sets in. Nathan and I took them on a train ride to the Grand Canyon and had a blast. We were invited to attend the Grand Canyons “Sunset Limited” inaugural run awhile back and we had such a great time that we decided we should share the fun with others. We boarded the train at 10am and arrived at the canyon about 2 hours later. On the train we enjoyed snacks, drinks, live entertainment and the scenery. When we arrived at the canyon we got to enjoy the canyon, take pictures and shop.

We boarded the train at about 3pm enjoyed more snacks, drinks and entertainment and got off board about about 7pm. We got to see the wonderful holiday lights and festivities of “The Polar Express” train ride that was about to take off and it was a great way to get into the spirit of things right before the holidays. Grand Canyon Railway – The Official Site

I also had my first craft show of the holiday season this last weekend and it turned out pretty well! My Lifesaver Trains are still my biggest seller despite all the gift baskets and holiday decor I have added to my inventory throughout the last year. People are just now starting to realize that the holidays are literally just around the corner and sales are really rolling in. I am putting together some coffee/ chocolate themed gift sets and am also making up some Blooming Bulb Gifts for people to enjoy throughout the winter months.

Remember there is only about a month left till Christmas so get that shopping done ASAP! I hope you all are having a great week. Enjoy Thanksgiving and reach out to someone this week.

“To the world you are only one person, but don’t ever forget that to one person you are the world!”

Spreading good will all year round

Many people around me are sick of always hearing about the bad things in life. We are all just seeking good news and are longing to make a difference in the lives around us.

Do you believe that reaching out to one person can make a difference? I do! The kindness you extend to that one person could literally change their life. If your actions can help that one person maybe that one person will see how good it felt to be cared about and they will want to “pay it forward”. That is what I believe and want to happen. Don’t you see this concept could literally spread like wild fire? I am writing this blog entry because I am hoping others will agree with me and want to take part in spreading good will all year.

Their is so much we can do to “take care of people”. My partner and I are making care packages for soldiers right now ( I am also knitting hats for them. I enjoy writing letters (that I send via snail mail) to my friends and family. I believe my letters are a great way to reach out and say “I still think and care about you” and they offer the “human connection” that so many people are longing for.

I read this essay today by a diner waitress. She has found a way that she can make a difference in the lives of her customers. You can read about it in her article: Peace Begins with One Person – “Can one act of friendliness start to generate peace? I believe it can. Peace begins with one person but spreads like warmed syrup.” -Ivory Harlow

I would love to know more about how others are making a difference.. Please feel free to post comments below about what you want to do, or already do that touches the lives of others..

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A quote on struggles – November 2006

“Every time you meet a situation, though you think at the
moment it is an impossibility and you go through the
tortures of the damned.

Once you have met it and lived through it you find that
forever after you are freer than you were before.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt, humanitarian

Wordless Wednesday

I came across a great blog idea that is similar to “pictures say 1000 words”, Its called “Wordless Wednesday”. You just create a blog entry on that day with a photo (or many) that basically speak for themselves. Here is my contribution:


Flagstaff Sunset in November 2006

Arugula Chicken & Pasta Recipe and the CSA

CSA Pick up

We are experimenting with different foods now that we have our weekly basket of fresh vegetables and fruits from the Flagstaff CSA. This week we got Arugula (which looks like spinach but tastes zestier), Mustard Greens (these greens really have the spicy mustard taste), yummy Pomegranate, some sweet potatoes, garlic, a salad mixture and some onions. We are really enjoying being a part of the local CSA. It’s nice to know where your food comes from and to be supporting our community farmers.

We learned this summer that some foods may seem weird but they are often very good. We were turned on to lemon cucumbers (they are juicy, great for snacking and yummier that regular cucumbers), we made pickles out
of these really strange spiky cucumbers and we love “cinnamon pickles” (they are cucumbers pickled with pear, cinnamon and some other good things and make for a sweet treat).

The challenge is finding recipes or ways to prepare the foods we have never had before. That was the case this week with the Arugula. I went online and searched for recipes and found a perfect one @ I didn’t want to reprint the recipe since it is not mine and I didn’t ask for permission to reprint it. If you are interested in trying the recipe visit here: For The Arugula & Chicken with Pasta Recipe.

I did however take pictures throughout the preparation to make your mouth water! The dish turned out really well and I recommend trying it if you have Arugula on hand! Now I just need to find a mustard greens recipe!

Quote on manifesting your beliefs – November 2006

“Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living,
and your belief will help you create the fact.”
-William James, 19th Century psychologist

Clean wax drips off your carpet with your iron.

Ever had wax drip onto your carpet clothes or furniture? Today I had a red candle burning in the bedroom while I was off doing stuff in another room. I know, every candle says “do not burn unattended” and what do I do? I left it burning unattended and red wax dripped all the way down my dresser and into a big puddle on my carpet!
Lucky for me I know how to get wax out of material and I thought I would share it with you here!

After a wax disaster it is often best to allow the waxy mess to dry before you attempt to clean it up. If you try to wipe it up it will often smear and become more mashed into the material it has dripped on. On hard surfaces the wax will simply scrape off easier when dry and on material surfaces the wax can be ironed up after it drys.

Here is how to get wax off your carpet, furniture clothes or any other material surface:

Allow the wax mess to dry.
Get some old shirts, scrap cloth or paper towels.Get your iron plugged in and ready.
Place the cloth or paper towel over the dried wax mess.
Put the hot iron on top of the cloth and apply pressure as if you were ironing it.
As the wax heats up it will soak into/ bond to the cloth.
You will need to check the cloth constantly for signs that the wax is soaking through.
When you can see the wax soaking through the cloth you need to apply a new cloth. The more mess the more cloths you will need to remove it.
Be patient, keep changing cloths and ironing till all the mess is gone!

Share your world with us..

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. In one of my yahoo groups they are calling for pictures that “share your world with us”. Here are some of mine! Let me know what you think!

My cats are a huge part of the world around me so here are some of my cutest kitty pictures:

Here is the view from my bedroom window of the Aspen tree.

Nathan has another batch of brew going in the kitchen today (pumpkin porter I think) and I am getting ready to make up my delicious maple pumpkin cheesecake today!

Would you like to share your world with us? If so simply post your own blog entry with pictures that say 1000 words and email me the address to your blog entry so I may link to it from here! Happy posting!

My Hotel Annoyances

This is continuation of my previous post about my hotel stories.
My pet peeve tonight is:
Guests who fling their room keys or papers across the desk at you.

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Home Depot Selling Solar Power to Mainstream America

Well this is the best news I have read today!! The Home Depot has teamed up with BP Solar to provide solar installation service to customers. It is offering its customers the ability to sign-up online for free, in-home consultations. This is making simple living more achievable for Mainstream America. If you want to read more about this great story click here to visit the stories site.

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