Out of the mouths of babes… Sort of

Just sitting on the couch, chillin with the munchkin. She climbed up on my lap for the usual morning cuddle and nursing time. We were cozied up in a blanket and she was doing her usual pointing at facial features or body parts so I would name them for her. It’s one of her learning times each day.

She points to my hair, I say “hair”. “Mama’s hair.”

She points to my nose. “Nose, mama’s nose.”

She points to her nose. “Nose, Everly’s nose.”

We go over eyes, ears, neck, mouth and so on… Then she discoveres something new to point out.

Everly points to just above my upper lip. “Freckle, mama’s freckle”

She points to her hair. “Hair, Everly’s hair.”

She seems to be particularly fascinated with the new discovery of my beauty mark above my lip. We go back and fourth between my freckle and her pointing at her hair.

Freckle. Hair. Freckle. Hair. Freckle. Hair. Freckle. Hair.

Freckle. Hair. Freckle. Hair.

Freckle. Hair.

Repeat ad nauseam. This is how she’s learned much of what we’ve taught her. Gotta love toddlers and repetition!

Later tonight after a long day I am undressing, removing makeup and getting in to the tub. My usual nightly decompress and relax routine… The little one is asleep, it is almost time for me to sleep. Gonna read the last few pages of my latest book…

The horror!

I have effing mole hair! Dark ones coming from my beauty mark/ freckle. Why have I not noticed these before & when and where the hell did they spring up from anyway…

WTF? and OMG!

Am I gonna grow a beard and mustache next? I guess for halloween I can just dress as a witch now. Got the hairy lip mole already. Just need a hat and broom.

I guess my daughter was just trying to alert me to my lack of personal grooming and upkeep this morning.

Freckle. Hair. Freckle. Hair. Freckle. Hair. Freckle. Hair.


Gosh mom, take care of that damn mole hair!

Can someone buy this mom so laser hair removal for Christmas or something? LOL.

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