It is looking to be a super weird day!

BOTH girls slept in our room last night. They  were so restless & anxious they couldn’t fall asleep, even after some warm magnesium “tea” (aka Natural Calm) and some time to unwind in their room. Eventually we let them come to our room where they didn’t sleep much. They weren’t playing or anything, just laying there awake… tossing and turning. his is super uncharacteristic of them. We didn’t sleep much either and I was even anxious and wide awake for some unknown reason.

Spontaneous delivery is related to barometric pressure: Many studies have shown that changes in the weather affect health. In the field of obstetrics and gynecology, several events have been empirically shown to be related to the weather. Labor pain is controlled by the autonomic nervous system and various hormones, and is expected to be influenced by the weather and environmental changes. Several studies have been conducted on the relationship between delivery and barometric pressure, which shows constant changes with changes in weather, but there is no generally accepted view on this.” Read the study performed on this here.

Right now, I’m NOT having signs of baby coming (I’m 37 weeks pregnant) so I’m thinking it is the likely just the weather making us all weird today?! Or it could always be the weather and the baby?! Should I expect labor to begin in a tornado tonight? My doula will love reading this. My pessimistic recognition of things makes her nervous I think. Who knows what is going on… but it is feeling very strange today.


I think we’ll just spend the day cocooned up on the couch waiting for word of increased weather risks and seeing how the day plays out. Whatever will be, will be… 

Have you ever experienced a labor (yours or a loved ones) that seemed to be influenced by the weather? How did it play out?