My favorite personal organization helpers that anyone can benefit from. #PGLWL

Keeping organized and staying on the ball when it comes to tasks is mandatory in a place with 9 chickens, 2 rabbits, one dog, 5 cats, a full home garden and 2 young girls to look after plus the responsibilities of being a virtual assistant. That is why I was excited to participate in the Life Well Lived blogging prompt this week covering the topic:

What are your favorite resources (Products, Apps, Books, Websites, etc.) to help you get organized?

Keeping shopping lists straight, family appointments, client needs and to-dos, staying on top of e-mail, blogging, keeping track of garden planting dates and harvest times, keeping up with feeding watering and cleaning up after all the  homesteading animals  is only possible when I make the best use of my time which is why being organized is so important. It’s no secret that I have many organizational helpers in my back pocket. Here are a few of my favorites, then you an tell me yours:

  • is a great family planning website (and smart phone/tablet app) that helps you and the other members of your family keep track of grocery shopping lists, appointments, meal planning, recipe and even family journaling.

I use Cozi for mine and hubby’s to-do lists and grocery lists. The great thing is you can update your lists journals and calendar via any of your devices or by computer at any time and anyone else accessing your Cozi family site will automatically see your additions updates and changes. This is especially great when you send your husband to the grocery store after work and you have a long list of items he needs to pick up, instead of telling him over the phone what he needs to get & hoping the he remembers everything, he can simply login to your family site pull up the shopping list and see everything that you added.

  • is a great resource for online task management and generally just a nice Internet-based notebook. “The Evernote family of products help you remember and act upon ideas, projects and experiences across all the computers, phones and tablets you use.”

I use evernote to keep track of my class list for the dance class I teach, I also make note of blog posts and online articles that I’d like to read. Anywhere I go I can pull up my notes, class lists and more via my Kindle or my iPhone through  and it’s great.

  • Google documents (now known as Google Drive or just Drive) Google Drive is a file storage and sync service by Google that was released on April 24, 2012. It is an extension of Google Docs, allowing users to store all types of files on the Google servers.

I use google drive for task lists, document sharing between my clients and I and to log my hours worked for billing and active purposes. I’ve also used drive for my own personal document storage along with Picasa, Google’s online photo storage/ syncing service.

What are your favorite resources for leading a more organized life? Tell us in the comments below. Also, you can enter the current Life Well Lived Sweepstakes here if you’d like.

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