Laughter can be the best medicine…

I was browsing Bix this morning checking the status of my contest entries and I found the funniest video:

This baby just has the best laugh, it made me laugh and it got me to thinking about how important it is to have a good laugh. It really can improve your mood and outlook. So today I am sharing some things that will make you laugh and possibly brighten your day.

The first one is a blog entry on sharting by witchypoo. I read her blog daily and had the best laugh yesterday when I read her post. I didn’t shart but I sure snorted.. Snorting just makes me laugh harder and longer, today my laugh muscles are sore! Read the post, you will laugh.

The next thing is a group called Improv Everywhere. I found their site after watching a recorded episode of 20/20. Basically “Improv Everywhere causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places.” They have video’s of skits on things like shopping in slow motion they do things that make you laugh, feel included or make you wonder about what is going on. They sort of promote “personal interactions” and they have videos of all their work.

Do you have any funny sites, videos etc you can share? I always love a good laugh!

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