It is like I am an addict: Thoughts on body detox with diet changes.

Whether you consider it mommy mania, anxiety, depression, detox or simply hormones, it has been a hard few days weeks round these parts. Of course our close calls with tornadoes at the beginning of the month had something to do with the stress and drama levels around here. Weather aside, mommyhood stuff has sure been trying for me.

Adalyn is still miss fussy-pants with the pooping issues. She’s also still working on her first teeth. Everly is pushing boundaries and being a pistol too, add those with an exhausted (and now detoxing) mama and you’ve got a barrel full of “omg-how-will-I-get-through-this-day” monkeys. The detoxing is the result of my swift diet changes that I shared in my previous post about leaky gut.

Taking over-processed carbs and sugars out of my diet as well as limiting gluten intake has basically owned me. My patience is short, emotions are high and low (all at once) and man am I grouchy!

I know the diet changes are not only necessary for me but they are also priority if they are impacting Adalyn… but man it is hard! The kicker is that removing gluten, if I do manage to avoid ALL the foods it is hidden in, will take months to leave our bodies before we’ll see results (maybe as many as 4-6 months). So Adalyn will likely be weaned and eating mostly solids at the point when potential positive results are seen, if ever…

It is a tall mountain to climb and looking ahead makes me tired and hopeless right now. I’d love to talk myself out of having to remove gluten from my diet or to turn to easier solutions such as supplementing formula or weaning Adalyn but the truth is those are only temporary fixes.

The underlying issues will likely return and rear their ugly heads in other forms if we continue to deny and avoid what needs to be done. That said, I am also continuing to explore other potential fixes for Adalyn. Her breastfeeding is still not where it needs to be so an official tongue tie evaluation is scheduled. We had on-going chiropractic neck adjustments for  her birth trauma that are no longer necessary but she’s still having issues.

I am working to make the house more and more gluten free as I go. First breads have been replaced, next are baking mixes and pastas. I am also looking for more gluten and processed food replacement items to fuel me and the family.

If you’ve never tried limiting your gluten intake than you seriously have no idea how rampant it is in our diets and how tremendously addictive it is. Honestly, cutting gluten has been worse than removing sugar or caffeine, for me. It is BAD!

So if you see this mama on the street and I’ve got a sour look on my face (or if I bite your head off), know it is just my food addictions and detox speaking, not my heart. This process has been (and still is) a doozie.


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