I am 4 months pregnant and trying to eat better, it is hard!

I know you are all probably sick and tired of reading about my desires to birth at The Farm so I just wanted to mention a few things then I am on to discuss other things.

I found a study posted here that takes an interesting look at Farm births versus hospital births, also there is quite a bit of good info available here to support home births. I thought some of you might be interested in the info.

N and I had a good weekend. We got the Christmas tree taken down, cleaned the house and ran errands. We also played the Wii and had some fun.

I am back to drinking my nutritional shakes (you know the generic version on Ensure) because I am pretty sure my body has been trying to tell me I am not getting all I need nutritionally speaking for the pregnancy.

Specifically I have been noticing strange heart pounding or heart racing at odd times throughout the day. I know this occurs for me when I exercise, get to breathing hard (taking laundry up and down the stairs) or when I get out of the hot bath at night. I am fairly certain what I am experiencing is some sort of change in blood pressure, what I am worried about is the idea that my diet could be causing it.

I’ll chat with my OBGYN on Thursday about this but I am also making a big effort to correct my diet as well. Diet is a big deal in pregnancy and I have been advised by my midwife at The Farm to eat lots of vegtables and fruits. Specifically dark leafy greens.

A fellow Farm birthing mama is on bed rest right now in preparation for her February delivery as a result of her diet and blood glucose levels. She also advised me to listen to the midwife’s suggestions on diet very carefully and I am heeding the advice. Now I just need some meal and snack ideas to keep me eating well.

Got any dark leafy green suggestions? The only leafy green I even like is spinach.

I am also loving doing yoga on the new Wii Fit. It makes me feel so good and it also provides a great stretch which I wouldn’t get otherwise. I have always been a group excerciser, meaning if I am not doing it as a group with others I never did it at all.

Now that I am not teaching I’ve been slacking in the fitness area. Pregnancy is not the best time to be a fitness slacker folks. Thankfully the Wii Fit keeps me active and wanting to excercise a bit each day. I might be loving it more than N does at this point…

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