Holy crap! Where is my sweet baby?

This has been a bittersweet week. My baby is gone and this little person has taken her place.

Now instead of crying in protest over things Everly has discovered the full body flail, you know it is kind of like the worm…

…but it is in your arms, on the changing pad or wherever she happens to be when she disapproves of what you are trying to do with her. Changing diapers, major trigger. Trying to keep her from playing with electrical outlets or in dog poop, another trigger. Not letting her eat dog food, major world ender.

Luckily we aren’t as bad as this, yet.

Boy, I am totally not looking forward to those days one bit. Especially since she’s a red head.

Today she was particularly irritable and clingy with sleep difficulties so I imagine it’s linked to more teething. The drool and full fist in mouth is kind of a giveaway on that. So she followed me around the house whining and crying at me.

Whenever I’d stop to do something or to try including her in what I was doing she would promptly climb up my leg and reeeeeach as far as she could up to me. This means she wants to be held. Holding her isn’t so easy now that she’s doing the worm in your arms and she’s putting on the pounds, my back protests.

So I end up sitting with her and holding/ cuddling her that way. Means I don’t get to do things around the house or take care of my own needs but it makes her happy and keeps the load off my back.

Anyway, we are sitting on the couch and she’s whining, crying and jamming her fingers in her mouth. I nurse her because it comforts and soothes her. The news is on and when she finishes nursing she proceeds to whine and cry some more while climbing all over me and the couch.

All the sudden she just flops herself to the side from a standing position (probably an attention getting tantrum skill she’s honing) and she starts laughing hysterically at what she’s done. This in turn makes me laugh and my laughing just spurs her on to repeat the flopping.

We spend the next twenty minutes or so with her romping from one side of the couch to the other and throwing herself every which way. Falling on to the cushy couch or in to my arms really seemed to cure the tooth pain for a bit.

It was kind of bipolar though. We went from red faced, tears streaming to laughing hysterically at flopping down, all in under a minutes time. The laughs we had pretty much made my whole week though. I still can’t believe my infant girl is basically a miniature person now. Holy crap, we are in trouble now.

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