His name was Crispy

It was like Elf on a Shelf for adults at work.

*warning, explicit language. Read at your own risk :) *

Back in my days of hospitality work I had the chance to work with some seriously fun people at a golf club back in Arizona.

Let me add the fun people were generally not my fellow management staff, especially NOT the “Executive Chef” whose balls were about to fall off at any moment.

He was the one I eventually ended up losing my job over. Told him I could care less what his Chef’s jacket said and that I would not rework my event setup based on his douchy preferences. :) Oops, my bad Mr. Exec. Chef!

Anyway, for fun we would take this huge brass squirrel and place him in various odd spots to see who would notice. He was an expensive lawn decoration that somehow became odd indoor decor at the club for buffets and such.

It first started with one of the dining facility’s waitstaff stashing the squirrel somewhere. The person who spotted the squirrel would then relocate him at closing time and the game continued. Over time more and more people got involved as they spotted him and joined in on the game

This squirrel was eventually named Crispy, I believe it was because he was once stashed in the fireplace in the center of the dining room.

Each time Crispy was spotted he was relocated. A few times it would be days before he was found and relocated. Some days we would go to work thinking about where Crispy would turn up next.

Once we put him up on the decorative ledge of the vaulted ceiling in our main banquet room with some fake tree. That freaking brass squirrel weighted like 50lbs and hefting him and a fake tree up a 6ft ladder was almost deadly. It sure was a good laugh days later when my boss spotted him and jumped. He first acted all startled and then amused by the sight.

Another time a broom or umbrella was placed in his paw while he was around a corner or something. Some days you really would jump and think a real creature was hanging out wherever Crispy was. Other days you’d just laugh at the absurd placement. He was found under dining room tables, in potted plants, on high ledges, wearing strange things, holding various objects… You name it, chances are Crispy did it.

It really was like Elf on a Shelf for grownups and honestly, just the memory of all those good laughs makes me want to do Elf on a Shelf for the kiddos this holiday… Cause I know it will be damn amusing for us too!

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