Hey there, long time since I’ve seen you!

Welcome to the revamped site! See, I am not dead or ditching the blog… Just have too many plates spinning so to speak.

If you read my last post you know we are busting our butts to get funding and to make headway on opening our own farm here in Indiana. We’ve met with mentors, crunched numbers, wrote a novel of a business plan. Now it’s time to talk with a banker!

Also, I’ve got lots of lovely ladies that I am assisting with their own businesses right now… and you know, kids to snuggle, chickens to wrangle, a garden to tend…

Oh, I did an interview with a reporter regarding home birth and having my babies at The Farm so stay tuned for that also! (Have some free time? Watch 6 hours of home birth action at The Farm here.)

Things are good and now that I’ve revamped the site and cleaned it up, things are feeling even better! Look around, and please let me know if you get any pesky warnings or if you see odd stuff. This blog dates all the way back to 2005 so there is tons that could potentially still have cobwebs.

Speaking of cobwebs are you getting exited about Halloween? Everly sure is. We’ve been spending lots of time thinking up some fun seasonal stuff to do together. Stay tuned for my compiled list of yummies to try, crafts to make and some decorating ideas for Halloween this month.

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