Got poop? You Should! – Talk of rabbit poop and garden fertilizing.

Anyone who gets the rundown of our menagerie of pets on the half acre homestead usually assumes the two bunnies we have (Maybelle & Boner) are strictly for “warm and fuzzes” because they don’t appear to be the most useful animals on a homestead right?


Yes, we do have them as pets and they came with us here from Arizona (road trip/ move madness can be read here) so they were part of the family before the big homesteading undertaking happen but they aren’t useless, despite appearances.

“So how can bunnies be useful? You aren’t breeding and eating them are you?”

Nope, we aren’t skinning and eating the bunnies or breeding them but they work alongside our composter to improve the soil quality (which is much needed here in Evansville, IN). Actually, the rabbits metabolize and process kitchen scraps much more quickly than the compost bin and in return we get an abundance of their marble-like poop.

On first thought, yes it is strange but it is also oh-so-benificial if you can get past the poop part. Plus, rabbit poop is not stinky or all that messy (the pee is the gross part, LOL).

In our yard we scoop the rabbit poop and sprinkle it in the garden beds weekly. Even Everly takes part in this happily and it really isn’t that gross considering their poop is ONLY plant matter.

“But won’t the poop “burn” the plants?”

Not unless it is urine soaked and that is unlikely. Rabbits are typically pretty good about pooping/ peeing in only certain areas of their enclosure. Ours only poop in one section of their outdoor run, which happens to be a corner, so it all kind of spills out of the fencing and we can scoop it up easily.

They don’t pee where they poop. Actually, they spray their pee out of the sides of the enclosure so the poop isn’t pee covered at all. The spraying pee was the #1 reason we moved them to an outdoor permanent hutch actually.

The simple shoveling and sprinkling of rabbit poop around our garden beds results in the happiest plants EVER. Our juicy, fat strawberries are all the proof we need. And it seems all our other plants are following the trend as their fruits set and grow. See the strawberries and raspberries? Mmmm.

Got poop? You Should!

If you buy fertilizer for your yard and garden get you some bunnies and chickens. Seriously!

Not only are the bunnies cute and super entertaining (see this bunny humping my leg video) but they keep food scraps out of your trash and they give back to the yard. Also, bunny poop as fertilizer saves money and is a great organic way to feed the plants without buying chemical fertilizers.

Need more rabbit poop convincing? Read this great article about the topic: Rabbit Manure in the Garden 


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