If you don’t have anything nice to say, shut your damn mouth!

Ignorance and judgment abound in the world of a breastfeeding mom, I know first hand. These days with the popularity of social media more and more people are sharing their opinions and points of view, in this case a number of people in my network were in an uproar about comments a radio show host, Lisa Rollins of South Carolina, made regarding breastfeeding in public.

If you are curious you can read the transcripts from the show here (I don’t want to link directly to the show because it only drives their traffic and makes them money of this bullshit).

Anyway, about 5 minutes in she starts going off about this poor breastfeeding mom she saw over the weekend. Super offensive stuff. Made my blood just boil and that was last night. Today I am still fuming but calm enough to draft a non-fu-stupid-bitch letter to send her way. Here is what I wrote:

I was listening to your morning show online and was deeply shocked and offended. It wasn’t because you had a differing opinion than me, because that is your right. I was appalled that in trying to express your opinion you were blatantly shaming and embarrassing that breastfeeding mom (and other breastfeeding mom’s) on public radio.

How judgmental and ignorant of you to publicly rant about a woman nursing her baby in public. Don’t you think it is classless and in poor taste to rant about your disgust on the radio where that poor mom probably heard it all? I sure do!

Our perspectives on things are often related to the choices we’ve made. Your point of view on public breastfeeding is definitely because you choose to not breastfeed but how dare you judge others and publicly criticize them on your radio show. In doing this you’ve just shown your ignorance on the topic and your nasty, judgmental, elitist personality.

I was also thinking, if it was such a huge deal to you why didn’t you speak with the woman right then and there or why didn’t you go to restaurant management? Is it because you knew it wouldn’t be acceptable to single her out or is it because you are a coward hiding behind your microphone?

I wonder how you would feel if people publicly criticized you, whispered, stared and made you feel ashamed for bottle feeding your daughter. If you had to hear “what a selfish mom to deny her developing baby the best nourishment available” or “coward” or “how disgusting” each time you were in public tending to the needs of your baby. You might start to understand how it feels if you had.

It is super snobby of you to look down your nose at women who choose to breastfeed in public. It is not realistic to expect a woman to always be nursing in private. Babies eat and are entitled to be able to eat in the same comfort as bottle fed babies, to expect anything different is discrimination and if the tables were turned I am sure you would be just as upset as the pro-breastfeeding moms are right now.

I wonder how many times you bottle fed your daughter in public… Why didn’t you feed her in the hot car or on the toilet like you expect breastfeeding mom’s to do? Don’t you know the use of a bottle or pacifier evokes the same disgusted reaction in pro-breastfeeding folks as does the sight of an nursing baby to those squeamish anti-breastfeeding folks?

How dare you impose your view of “poor taste” on us. I am sure you’ve noticed that many, many other people feel It is in poor taste that you uttered your anti-breastfeeding comments.

The sad thing is you probably never even stopped to think about how your words would impact that nursing mother and other nursing mothers all over the world. Furthermore, how your ignorant comments have impacted the well-being and health of future babies whose mothers won’t even consider breastfeeding because of the public scrutiny and judgments of people like you.

Way to go! Hope you succeeded in achieving your desired reaction with the radio show topic. You’ve made yourself and your company look bad, you’ve made women feel ashamed for doing what their bodies were made for, you’ve pissed off a whole lot of breastfeeding advocates and you’ve taken the best nutrition available from many babies with your ignorant and hurtful comments.

I sent my email off and don’t expect a response of any kind, especially since the radio station isn’t concerned about the overwhelmingly negative response they’ve already received on their facebook page. Wait, I stand corrected. They are removing comments and photos posted by those pro-breastfeeding users… Nice.

Anyway, it just makes me sick how rude, judgmental and self centered some people are. Especially when it comes to the needs of babies and children. I know so much has to do with society’s ignorance about breastfeeding but still, it pisses me off.

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