Everly, My Love: Pausing to reflect before her special day tomorrow…

Three years ago today I was just setting in for the hard work ahead. I was just getting back from my walk.

I’d had a big breakfast of pancakes and hashbrowns with my mother in our cabin out at The Farm after my water broke at 7 am that morning. Nathan had been called and was making his way to us from 2 states away…

Three years later, I’ve just laid Everly down for her afternoon nap when I realize where I was 3 years ago. Adalyn just woke up from her nap and is playing next to me on the living room floor as I type this. She’s scooting her way over to the laptop to help me write.

There are party preparations to be made for tomorrow (Everly’s actual birthday), the house is a total mess that needs cleaning, the animals and garden need attention but for this moment I briefly reflect…

Newborn Everly Everly is almost 3 years old!

Three years ago I was becoming a first time mother. The journey has been amazing.

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