Don’t pour bleach on bunny pee! (or any pee for that matter)

Ugh, my nose is burning and it’s cause I had a temporary moment of stupidity. We are moving in 15 days and I have an ongoing list of crap to accomplish. Today it was sweeping/ cleaning the wood floors and cleaning bunny’s cage/ mess. Oh and I was supposed to find the Nissian repair book so we can see how to remove the alternator from the car.

I didn’t get around to taking care of bunny till after dinner. I made meatloaf for the first time tonight and it turned out good, then I was unusually tired and achy so I procrastinated some more and watched TV. When N headed back to work I forced myself to take care of bunny’s mess before I took a bath.

We put “potty pads” down under bunny’s cage because she like to shoot pee all over the place despite the fact that we bought her a special anti-spray litter pan. So I moved the cage and rolled up the urine soaked “potty pads”. A bit of pee leaked on to the tile/ grout and I didn’t want it to smell or stain so I grabbed the nearest cleaner and some paper towels….

I poured about a teaspoon of bleach on the grout, it began to foam and bubble. I knew I had made a mistake. Bleach and ammonia are NOT a safe combination! Anyway my eyes began to water, the nose started to burn and I was trying to wipe up the bleach quickly so the chemical reaction would stop.

My nose still burns but I am in bed now, tippy typing away. We have a snow day tomorrow, which is good cause I feel “off” right now and am not sure why… probably from inhaling toxic chemicals huh?

The morale of the story is don’t clean the litter box, bunny cage or anything that has urine in it with a bleach product, it’s very bad news! Your respiratory system will NOT like you! It will hate you very much and you will want to die, the end.

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