DIY Gifts for the Gardener You Love

Gardening is an extremely entertaining pastime and is a favorite hobby of many people. Whether you live in a region
where gardening is possible year-round, or in an area where gardening season comes only once a year, tending the garden
may still be your favorite way to pass the hours. If you know someone who loves to garden with a birthday, anniversary,
or holiday approaching, gardening gifts are sure to make them happy. However, you do not want to buy them the same
generic gardening tool set or set of plants that everyone else is getting them. Show your favorite gardening enthusiast just
how much you care about them by making them special gift. Handmade gardening gifts will not only display your affection
for the gardener in your life, they will also provide unique and one-of-a-kind gifts that no one else can duplicate.

One great gift that you can make yourself for the gardener in your life is a gardening planner complete with seeds. Simply
purchase an attractive planner and a variety of different seeds for planting. By doing a small amount of research, or if you
already have a good deal of gardening knowledge, simply outline planner when would be the most opportune time to plant
each seed. You can beautifully decorate each planting time with decorative pens, glitter, and even stickers and pictures of
what that particular plant or flower will look like when it is in full bloom. This way, your favorite gardener will have a gift
that will last them all planting season, or even all year. They will not only appreciate the time and effort that you put into
making the planting planner look amazing, but they will use the seeds and schedule to make their garden look its best.

Another fantastic gift idea is to make a special pot or planter for your favorite gardening enthusiast. You can pick up a few
cheap, plain looking flower pots at your local hardware store, along with a set of decorative paints and stickers. A great
thing to do is to designate a special pot for a certain type of plant by decoratively labeling the pot and embellishing it with
pictures of the plant and other decorations. You can then provide your favorite gardener with a packet of seeds for that
plant so that they can plant the seeds and watch their plant grow in their new and unique pot. This can be particularly
great for an herb garden, where the label pots will contain plants that can be added to dishes to improve and enhance
their flavor. Labeling the pots in an herb garden is not only decorative, but practical, as many herbs look very similar, and
embellished pots can help your loved one to quickly and easily distinguish between plants.

Many gardeners like to decorate their outside space with fountains or other statue like objects to help it feel more regal. A
great gift for your gardener friend is a handmade birdbath or sundial. A generic pedestal can be bought relatively
inexpensively at a hardware store or specialty gardening store. Then, work that pottery magic and shape a simple bird
bath to secure on top. This will provide a beautiful and serene statue for your gardeners gardens. A sun dial may be even
simpler. Construction a sundial takes a bit less pottery skill than does a bird bath, but that face of the sundial can be
extremely ornate, and can be embellished by either carving or painting designs. Your favorite gardener will be overjoyed at
the beautiful and unique gift you have made them.

Gardening is a hobby for many people. By investing some time and a small amount of money into the perfect DIY gift, you
can make sure that your gardener’s birthday, anniversary, or holiday is a special one they will never forget.

JoEllen Krauss is a freelance writer for Providian Medical who specializes in refurbished OB/GYN ultrasounds. In her spare
time she enjoys decorating the house and getting her hands dirty in a pocket garden she keeps in her backyard. In the
article below she shares the best DIY gardening gifts for the people you love.

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