Crazy weather makes for chilly times….

Yesterday it rained, all day and changed to snow last night.. It’s been snowing since then and this type of weather just make me want to sit and relax. Stormy weather makes me want to relax and to have “me time”. I am eating top ramen and the fire is going while I am sitting here in the couch with my laptop.

The only down side to the weather is that our heating bill is going to be even worse now!

By the way I think my cat was oriental in a previous life because he is just crazy about noodles! He is sitting here trying to steal noodles as I eat my ramen… He goes crazy whenever we have noodles. I caught a video of it, thank goodness I was not free boobin!

We are supposed to get about 4 inches tonight in addition to the foot or so that has been on the ground since the last storm.. It’s cold and pretty. Oh and I got another 3 purses made today, yay for me!

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