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Infographic: The Straight Poop & Musings on toilet training

I’m elated! Adalyn has had two dry nights in a row! Yep, this is a post about toilet learning.

Adalyn has been on the road to being diaper free for quite some time. She’s 2.5 years old now and is mostly dry and clean during the day. She’s only had a few accidents while out and about and those were mostly our fault :/

During the day here at home she has this bad habit of holding her pee till she can’t hold it anymore… then she has accidents on the sprint to the potty once she’s realized she CAN’T hold it anymore. (more…)

Big changes are in the works for this homestead!

Over the weekend we got a TON of outside work done here on the half-acre homestead because we just put our house on the market! That’s right, we can’t put it off any longer. Our house is in less that perfect showing condition and is VERY lived in with the five of us crammed in here but we have to at least give selling a try. (more…)

Grayson Prescott is born

December 4th 2013

After a morning of laboring at home and carrying on about our day we thought it wise to head towards the hospital. Here is the rundown of how the day went…

Myself, Nathan, my girls, my doula and a lovely friend who was helping to look after the girls during labor all arrived at hospital registration at about 3:40/ 4 pm. I was found to be at 4 cm with fluids intact and debated weather or not to stay at the hospital or to head back home.

Since everyone deemed me a “wild card” in terms of birth predictability and also because I tend to quickly go from minor dilation to transition we thought it best to stay at the hospital and to get settled in a bit while things continued to progress. (more…)

A look at the wedding though another photographer’s eyes…

Bridal Potty Time

We were lucky enough to have two different wedding photographers at the wedding, each with a varied style. They both did a great job as I’m sure you’ll agree.

In my previous wedding photos post I talked a bit about how lame I feel in posed photos and how lame I end up looking. I blame my general dislike for posed photos on my short preteen modeling career.

We never do the portrait studio family photo thing (well, last year was the exception), we much prefer to take our own photos as the “in the moment” shots are usually of the most value to us in the long run… but with a growing family of young, squirmy kids, letting someone else take the photos is honestly less stress and headache.

So, to make a long story short, we were open to formal photography for the wedding because it’s one of those things you just do right? We weren’t so sure about how well the photos would turn out, considering the subjects (LOL)… but MAN were we pleasantly surprised!

Eric Cook Photography seriously blew us away with their ability to take formal, staged photos of us where we didn’t look all awkward and overly staged. Even the unstaged photos (like the bathroom one you see to the left) look super fabulous.


We had OUR Wedding!

It’s official, we had our long awaited wedding! After a five year engagement and adding two daughters to our family, we finally found the time and money to make it happen.

Now that it’s over, I can’t really detect any major difference between pre-wedding and post wedding life… but we did it and have the photos to prove it so I feel better having done it. (more…)

My compost pile has been moved to my kitchen floor because of my baby…

It is true…

Most times thoughout the day I’ve got a smattering of food under Adalyn’s chair. Thankfully I had the forethought to lay a kitchen towel under her seat… and I can just shake it off out in the yard for the chickens so it’s all good…

… but this messy baby eating stage isn’t doing wonders for my housekeeping morale. Help!

Nuts: To soak or not? Infographic

This is another one that isn’t mine but saw it on Facebook I appreciated it and wanted to share it with my readers. Enjoy!

Friday Phone Dump #8

Well, we’ve been up to all sorts of stuff this week. Tandem nursing toddlers, berry picking, peeing in cups and generally just playing hard. Here is the week in photos:

Being a crazy toddler is HARD work!

Getting some of the good stuff before berry picking time.

“Do these glasses make me look weird?”

She insisted on tandem nursing her baby teddys before getting in the tub. Don’t you just love the sparkly shoes with the animal PJ’s?

“I peed in a cup and now I am in this crazy gown, what is next?”

Monday Phone Dump #7 (because I missed Friday)

Some exciting stuff is happening here on the half-acre homestead these days that I wanted to share. It seems like it has been a very long time since I’ve blogged about life around here.

My excuse: life with two little girls is busy! Also, my working from home is keeping me busy too.

The updates to report are:

Someone rolled over on her own and is getting so big so fast!! She is also six months old already and scarfing solids whenever given the chance.

Her digestive issues are still something I am trying to relieve and we just recently had her “birth trauma” confirmed in the form of a chiropractic evaluation and needed adjustment.

Remember, she was born with a nuchal arm (aka. her arm came out with her head). It seems we are on the right track with chiropractic adjustments and diet changes. I’ll blog more about the details in another post.

Oh and Adalyn’s hair is about 3 1/2- 4 inches long now. So crazy! She is making it seem like Everly was bald in comparison.

Also, spring has sprung in our garden and we are beginning preparations for another growing season complete with removing our cold frame window boxes.

We let the chickens forage in the empty beds for a few weeks to clean up the weeds, any dormant pests and also to spread some of their nitrogen rich poop around in the soil. LOL.

We said goodbye to a trusty friend (my infamous Isuzu, Amigo) and hello to a new ride that gets amazing gas mileage (a hybrid Prius).

We went from dropping $65 every four days to just under $35 every seven days for gasoline.

Are you jealous of our huge reduction in gasoline use with out new car? We now have a smaller tank and use way less fuel with the hybrid engine. Stoked!

The Amigo stopped running last summer and since then we’ve been down to one car here and we don’t totally NEED a 2nd car but it sure is nice to be able to get out and about again.


Nathan’s goodbye to the Amigo: “Rest in peace dear pink Amigo. Your 21 years of ridiculous service have been real. The cities of Flagstaff and Evansville will probably never see the likes of you again nor will they ever be the same. Adios Amigo… Adios.


This means us girls are no longer stuck at the house every day of the week. Everly is stoked her playdate/ social schedule can resume, mommy is glad to remedy the boredom.

Although, with the garden back in the swing of things we are curing boredom with outdoor chores again.

Also, I just got contact lenses and am no longer tied down by glasses. This makes me very happy. Yep, I’ve been in glasses for about 2 years now.

Wasn’t really wearing them as often as I should have and now with a grabby baby girl it is even harder. Plus, I hate not being able to use my peripheral vision in them so I made the switch and am pleased.

Oh and in less than 30 days I turn 30!! OMG. Times flies.


Friday Phone Dump #6