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Wordless Wednesday: Halloween Childbirth Edition

I have seen a whole slew of pumpkins having children on the social networks today. Kind of made me laugh and want to reshare. Here are a few of them:

Via Lustik

Via BlessedBirthDoulas

Via i am bored


Want to see more pumpkin photos? How about newborn Everly in a pumpkin? View the post here.

Note: These aren’t my photos, just resharing them since they made me smile.

Apple picking traditions: Wordless Wednesday

Three years ago next month we went apple picking. We were new to Evansville and were excited to partake in u-pick apple fun. We planned to score several pounds of apples and head home to preserve them cause preserving is something we enjoy.

When we got to the orchard I realized I was feeling off. Kind of dizzy and nauseated… also quite foggy. I had an idea what could be going on based on fertility charting but it was too soon to be sure. Several days later We learned I was indeed pregnant with Everly. This started our tradition of apple picking fun.

Once Everly had arrived we continued the tradition and took her along apple pick apples, now that Adalyn is with us we’ve again continued the tradition. Here is the 2 week old Adalyn edition of Wordless Wednesday:

Wordless Wednesday: Two Sisters

Okay, so it’s not a totally “wordless” post… I am long winded. Here are the girls just a day after Adalyn’s birth.

Everly is quite the proud sister, she lovingly looks after Adalyn and is surprisingly very good about giving her space and not squishing her.

Now if Adalyn would only have some more awake time they could bond and hang out more…

Wordless Wednesday: Girlish Toddler Moments

A pose for paparazzi in my mahvelous shoes:

Yes, even our daughter gets to enjoy the treat of a donut once in a while. See, she’s in bliss:

Wordless Wednesday: Makeup. It’s too soon!

Wordless Wednesday: Singing bowl baby

Pretty sure she’ll end up being a percussionist!

Funny thing is some of those tones sound an awful lot like Tibetan singing bowls, the sounds I gave birth to her listening to.

“Nana… Hi!” A Wordless Wednesday Vlog

Don’t mind the mess that is my kitchen. It is her favorite place to destroy these days.

Video flashbacks and ponderings…

Over on my youtube account I was taking a look back at all the junk I’ve published there. I am surprised by the interest in this video, it is one of the more popular ones. Probably because it’s kind of unusual and partly cute.

Then there is this one, a more beneficial video I made for this blog post to accompany the craft project instructions I posted.

This one is kind of funny because Everly recorded it herself about five months ago:

I figure posting about how the day was would be a bore, especially since it mostly consisted of crying and throwing things because mommy got sick and now E is sick. No, I was not the one crying and throwing things. Just to clear that up.

Instead mind numbing, lazy-ass video flashbacks are the winner. Yay! Happy wordless Wednesday.

E watches SYTYCD with me and rocks out.

Freckled with dirty, dirt fun but washing up…

Freckled with dirty, dirt fun but washing up…