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30 weeks pregnant, maybe time to slow down a bit.

Can you believe I’m now 30 weeks pregnant? I’m thinking I am just a bit too large and pregnant to be tromping around various Indiana farms and visiting the local theme park like I normally would. This last weekend is the proof.


Tromping around getting raw milk for the family from our cow…

Last week we visited a local farm and secured ourselves a cow for some raw milk. We’ve actually committed, finally!


A few years back we switched to hormone free, organic milk but haven’t had much success with it. For starters, the fact that most hormone free milks here add DHA to the milk is an issue for me since most kinds of DHA are unnatural (aka GMO?!)… plus, since undergoing our gluten free, inflammation reducing eating habits, various forms of milk have been a source of digestive discomfort when consumed too frequently. (more…)

Entering the home stretch now…

We enjoyed our first few nights of cool autumn night temperatures last week and the gardening season is winding down… well actually, my motivation to garden and stay productive is winding down. It’s no wonder.

I am now 28 weeks pregnant and the prenatal stats are in following my recent appointment. Despite my tiny frame, my food sensitivity flareup and my seriously lacking appetite these days, I’m measuring two weeks ahead and am still managing to pack on the pounds. (more…)

Why this two time home birthing mama is on track for a hospital birth.

Now that our belated wedding has come and gone, our surprise pregnancy has been announced, our wonderful photographer’s photos have been shared and we’ve survived Adalyn’s 2nd birthday, I can tell you more about the specifics of this upcoming birth… It’s true, we are on track for a hospital birth here in Evansvile this time around. Lots of people have asked us…

Why on earth would you go the hospital route following two amazing home births?


A good deed for puppy = madness for the homestead

Today I took the girls out to the garden for our daily chores. We went out back near the pond today to pick from our other blackberry patch, where there are currently chiggers (thanks to a neighbor’s seriously overgrown grass back there). We have tomatoes & blackberries needing picking, some general bug removal and various other garden chores like spreading compost and planting seeds.

Our work was interrupted by a cute puppy freeing it’s self from the neighbor’s yard and coming right for us…

Now, this neighbor that owns the puppy also owns another young dog that frequently escapes their yard so when I saw the puppy escape their yard I knew acting fast was necessary. But a pregnant lady with 2 young kids can only act so quickly – and I was not quick enough.

A look at the wedding though another photographer’s eyes…

Bridal Potty Time

We were lucky enough to have two different wedding photographers at the wedding, each with a varied style. They both did a great job as I’m sure you’ll agree.

In my previous wedding photos post I talked a bit about how lame I feel in posed photos and how lame I end up looking. I blame my general dislike for posed photos on my short preteen modeling career.

We never do the portrait studio family photo thing (well, last year was the exception), we much prefer to take our own photos as the “in the moment” shots are usually of the most value to us in the long run… but with a growing family of young, squirmy kids, letting someone else take the photos is honestly less stress and headache.

So, to make a long story short, we were open to formal photography for the wedding because it’s one of those things you just do right? We weren’t so sure about how well the photos would turn out, considering the subjects (LOL)… but MAN were we pleasantly surprised!

Eric Cook Photography seriously blew us away with their ability to take formal, staged photos of us where we didn’t look all awkward and overly staged. Even the unstaged photos (like the bathroom one you see to the left) look super fabulous.


A look at the wedding though one of our photographer’s eyes…

For the wedding we knew we needed to secure as many photos of the event as we could, but we didn’t have the budget for thousands of dollars for a wedding photographer, plus we weren’t really looking for someone to provide us with prints of the photos from the wedding… So we hunted around for people looking to launch their photography business (on craigslist!), who had photography skills and a unique take on wedding pictures.

Nathan has a funny story about the craigslist ads we placed, several stories actually. He should blog them… But to sum it up, we got a bunch of headaches and hate mail resulting from the ad and we also found many talented and passionate candidates.



The exciting news we are ready to share. It’s a …

It’s true we have some exciting news to share. It was officially announced to our close circle of loved ones our wedding. Actually, we’ve been dropping hints here and there and even dropped a major hint at the actual wedding… You already know that we had our belated wedding this month right? If not, you can read about it and see photos here.

Anyway, we kept our exciting news super secret for almost 5 months until we hinted at it with our custom crafted wedding cake topper. (more…)

We had OUR Wedding!

It’s official, we had our long awaited wedding! After a five year engagement and adding two daughters to our family, we finally found the time and money to make it happen.

Now that it’s over, I can’t really detect any major difference between pre-wedding and post wedding life… but we did it and have the photos to prove it so I feel better having done it. (more…)

The post where my 1yr old tried to touch a wild deer…

Our wedding week is underway. We’ve survived the 15+ hour travel day that began at 2:30 am, the rental car fiasco that stranded us and while spending some time settling in at our cozy cabin in the pine forest just south of Flagstaff, AZ we had some special encounters with nature. (more…)