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My sneaky attempt at encouraging nighttime independence…

Bob Marley tunes can be heard all throughout the house…

Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Bob Marley is the soundtrack for bedtime for Everly and has also begun with Adalyn, except they are sleeping on opposite ends of the house… Still.

Easy 5 Min Cloth Diaper Elastic Repair Trick

Learn how to avoid having to thread new elastic though a narrow hole when repairing your BumGenius or other cloth diapers that are no longer under warranty. It’s a snap, anyone can do it. No sewing machine required.

Parenting Dellirium: Laughing at yourself is best in these situations.

This week has been one of unexpected brain fogginess. I really have nothing specific to blame it on. Maybe a lack of Omegas in the diet or something similar? Stress or sleep related? Who knows!

Anyway, it all started with arriving at playdate this week with Adalyn only partly dressed.