Canning food: It’s not just for grandma guys. It’s for your own good!

You’d think I was prepping for the end of the world if you saw my canning shelf right now! The truth is canning and preserving foods isn’t just a nostalgistic hobby for the homestead, in most places it is THE ONLY WAY to feed your family homegrown goodness year round.

This time two years ago I was couponing and stockpiling dry goods. Getting stuff for free or very cheap was nice and we did save so much money on food! The food stockpile came in handy and kept us afloat during the hard times of unemployment  but after a 6 months of eating our stockpiled dry goods crap and miscarriage/ new pregnancy my body was not happy.

The ugly consumerism truth: The vast majority of those food items you’ll find coupons for are terrible for you (Poptarts, Hamburger Helper, Canned soup, frozen meals, sugary yogurts etc). I blogged about this in a previous post and am proof of it. I am STILL getting back on track nutritionally speaking and Adalyn’s nutrition and health may also have been impacted.

Specifically, my digestive enzymes, gut flora and my ability to digest and properly absorb nutrients was compromised by the abundance of not-so-good-for-you foods. I only noticed it because of my baby’s digestive troubles that directly related to my breast milk and thus my own nutrition/ digestion. It looked like food sensitivities and failure to thrive in baby Adalyn but the trouble went way deeper than weight gain and eating enough calories.

Recovering from all those bad foods (MSG, excessive gluten, excessive sugars and excessive carbs) takes time, tears and struggles. I am left feeling very jaded about the state of America’s food supply. It truly is scary to think of how detrimental GMO crops, pesticides on food, MSG additives and altered-for-convince gluten/ sugar can be on the human body. And that is is all virtually unavoidable in a consumer setting. It is even worse to go though the consequences of those food choices (or lack thereof) and I’ve scraped by much better than others I know.

Did you know?

GMO foods leave lingering genetic material (that was inserted artificially) in your body long after eating the offending foods? The only published human study on GMO foods showed that GM soy transfers into bacteria living inside out intestines and CONTINUES to function. Source: The book Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risk of Genetically Engineered Foods, by Jeffery M. Smith

MSG, found in almost all processed foods, essentially stimulates your brain cells to death! MSG also has detrimental impacts on vision, hearing and much more. Source: The book Excitotoxcins: The Taste That Kills by Russell Baylock

The facts about our foods is mounting and I feel driven to get away from all the funny business when it comes to feeding the family. But it isn’t just about the what ifs or the debate about how safe or toxic these foods are (I won’t launch in to a full blown rant :P). The bigger issue is how prevalent these foods are and how unavoidable they are if you choose to rely on others to bring your food to you.

When visiting the local farmers markets we found that even the smaller mom & pop farms find it impossible to farm profitably without pesticides. Today I was alerted to just ONE 100% organic farmer at the farmers market and that is just sad.  If you don’t have the buckets of money to buy premium certified organic everything (that often comes from so far away and isn’t as fresh or is irradiated when entering the country) you have one other choice besides resigning to the toxic pesticides on your foods…

Take Charge Of Your Own Food

For us, growing our own food doesn’t just stem from frugalness. We NEED to be in charge of our food from seed to table so we can skip the pesticides or the GMO strains of food, so we can be sure no questionable preservatives, flavor enhancers or sugars are junking up the food. Our health depends on it.

Each jar canned is another snapshot of the spring/ summer harvest and it will be greatly cherished in the dead of winter when the only option will be store bought produce tampered with pesticides that is shipped in from other countries.


So, yes I am working on preserving more food today and no, I am not stockpiling for the end of the world.

Have you ever canned food?

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