Block Unwanted Texts on your T-Mobile Phone

I have this random person who is constantly sending me text messages that I do not want to receive and do not enjoy paying for.. I have repeatedly informed this person that they have the wrong number and have even asked them to delete my number from their phone.

Today they sent me a text me saying “I just got out of jail” and in another text they simply said “Hi”. I am not responding to these texts anymore because responding just costs money too. I have been looking for info on blocking this person from sending me unwanted texts.

Did you know that text messages are sent from phone to phone and also via email? With t-mobile you can change your email address ( that your phones text messages are sent to? You can also enable spam filters for this email address. The ability to change you phones email address is helpful in avoiding computer generated spam that is sent to your phone. Creating a unique phone email address will make it more difficult for spammers to “guess” where to send spam but it will not stop people from sending your phone number unwanted texts or does it?

When I visited the t-mobile FAQ site they listed an answer to “How do I block text messages from an unwanted number?” It said you could create a filter that blocks messages sent from the specified “from” field that you fill in. I put this annoying persons phone number (including area code) into this field and set up a filter to block the messages. Now I need to wait and see if this works!

Has anyone else tried this and have you has success?

I found many sites that discussed this same issue if you need more resources. They are:


Update- October 9th 2007

Okay, now I am really mad.. I am still getting texts from this random person!! I created a filter through t-mobile to block messages from this person but I guess those sites I listed above yesterday are correct.. Applying filters only has an impact on those messages you receive via email… So since the jerk is texting me from his phone or whatever I cannot stop the incoming texts.. How wonderful!


Update- March 12th 2008

While the T-Mobile text messaging issue still exists it appears they are making an effort to inform customers of their options with regards to eliminating unwanted messages and messaging charges.

The T-Mobile knowledge base states that:

“The text messaging feature on your account is a mandatory feature and cannot be removed due to system requirements. This feature is needed because it is where:

  • Voice mail notifications are delivered.
  • Billing notifications are delivered.
  • In case of emergency, text messages can be sent or received with minimal coverage.
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) updates are delivered. These are crucial system and network updates.”

They do go on to explain that you can change your handsets email address ( which does prevent the majority of “spam” messages from arriving on your phone. However, this still does not solve the issue most consumers have with other people (who use their cellphone) to send you unwanted texts that you end up having to pay for.

As of today the only solution is to call T-Mobile, tell them which phone number is sending you unwanted texts and ask that they remove the charges for those particular unwanted/ unsolicited texts. To view the T-mobile knowledge base where I found this info click here, you may need to be logged in to your T-Mobile account to access the page.

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