Ant invasion bites! Homemade ant killing recipes.

I’ve been running around the house like a madwoman cursing and going on just about every time I enter the kitchen. Everly thinks my rants are funny, I am not amused though. The cause: tiny black ants that are seeking warmth and moisture under things like the espresso machine and the water distiller. It’s a full-blown Ant invasion!

We’ve been plagued by these little buggers just about all winter. How they are entering the house I have no clue but we have been super diligent about keeping the kitchen clean and keeping foods sealed and out of their reach. Still ants come and take up shop in various spots. We’ve even noticed them living in the soil of a few of our indoor plants.

Now, come spring we’ll be able to take all the indoor plants out for re-potting and we can leave them out there until they are all ant free. In the meantime we have been trying all sorts of home remedies for annihilating the ants and ending the ant invasion.

Vinegar is a great kitchen disinfectant and it also is said to destroy the invisible ant trail (so other ants can’t find their way in). We’ve been spritzing vinegar water on them to kill and stop them from returning. Did this for about two weeks now but the ant invasion is not over. We also wiped the counter down real good between killing sprees. Still the ants return.

We tried a honey, sugar and borax “bait mix” with hopes of having them take the poison borax back to the colony where all the other ants would die after consuming it. Unfortunately, none of them really touched the poison bait mix. It was out for several weeks.

We have been told by neighbors to get some commercial ant bait/ poison since they had the same issue that was solved this way. It is just with our zoo of animals and Everly we aren’t jazzed about any kind of bug poison in the house. We try to limit our toxic chemical usage. We don’t even use bleach…

Anyway, today I’ve resulted to making up a different/ less toxic bait mixture. I found it here and am using the yeast, molasses and sugar one.

Sugar Bait

2 TBS Molasses
1 TBS Yeast
1 TBS Sugar

Mix and place mounds on paper, plates or in covered containers with holes.

Important: When baiting the ants to bring poison back to the nest, resist the temptation to kill them when you see them. You want them to live and take big juicy pieces of poisoned bait back to the nest for the rest of the colony to feast on.”

So far the ants are drawn to it, hopefully it does kill them. We wont know if it’s worked for another week or so though.

That means another week of becoming pissed every time we enter the kitchen and see the little bastards on the counter. Everly will be amused at least. Here is what the madness looks like today:

“Ants, ants, go away. Don’t come back another day…” May this ant invasion end very soon, please let it end soon.


Better results were had using a honey and borax mix.


2 TBS Boric Acid (Borax)
Jam (or Jelly, Honey, Maple Syrup)

Mix the boric acid with the jam or jelly to make a paste. Slather it on a piece of paper, a plate or in a covered container with holes. You may have to adjust amount of Boric Acid if the ants seem to eat up the bait like crazy, but are getting fatter from it instead of dying.

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