A trip down bloggy memory lane…

Last night N and I were discussing the topic of neighbors. You see our current neighbors just had twin boys and we are pretty excited for them. Everly is gonna have possible playmates right next door!

Anyway we were talking about how few decent neighbors we’ve had and that took us on a trip down memory lane.

Before I was blogging like in 2002 we lived in an apartment and had this neighbor who was a crack head, literally. We swore he was cooking meth in his place based on the strange chemical smells we noticed. He would regularly try breaking our door down when he came home trashed and got our door confused with his. Not a fun time.

In August 2005 we moved from our small one bedroom apartment to a very nice 2 bedroom apartment. The people above us were a treat cutting their hair out on the deck above us and puking on our patio.

In March & April 2007 we lived next door to crazy Rita who threw trash over our fence and did other crazy things to try getting a reaction from us.

Speaking of memory lane, this blog has been around since January 2005, can you believe that? I’ve got 4 years of life in almost 1000 posts all documented right here!

To further document life I must tell you the latest on our home buying saga. The appraisal came back today and it is about $6000 less than the sellers asking price… We are trying to negotiate with the seller now to get the price dropped.

Also on Wednesday we hooked up with an independent photographer and Everly was photographed. Dixie bit the poor photographer too. Nice huh?

We still need to get some family photos done with all three of us, that will happen eventually. Now when the photographer has the proofs all done from E’s photo session I’ll be sharing some with you right here. I can’t wait!

In the meantime here is a cute photo of E and Jack making friends last night before bath time:


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