House floods and hair dye…

I am one of those 20somethings who already has gray hairs, yep it is true! Actually it is a chunk of gray hairs, kind of a streak on my right side right near my hair line.

I usually dye my hair with the intent of covering the gray I have tons of hair so I usually need 2 boxes of dye. Unfortunately, dye is expensive and these days we are scrounging every penny we have for our $10,000 move. Lately this has prevented me from enjoying the luxury that is coloring my hair…

When I do color my hair it is a treat and I usually feel all good about myself for a few days after, plus my hair just feels better and less coarse after dying it.

While browsing the local discount store  a few weeks back I saw a bunch of hair dye that was marked down. N and I thought buying a lighter color might be fun for the summer so I grabbed some “excellence cream” dye for a great price.

This weekend I thought I wold spent some one on one time with my hair thanks to the discount dye. I was super excited at the prospects and when I entered the bathroom to begin the project I was greeted by an usually squishy rug.

First reaction was “ewe, did the cat pee on it?” so I grabbed it to check the overall wetness and odor but this wetness was not cat pee. Did 30 cats pee on it all within the same time frame cause this rug was completely drenched. I am talking soaked sponge like wetness!

I call to N, did you get the rug really wet when you showered? He claims he did not and we ponder the drenched rug. He was on the way back to playing X box when I commented that the mystery soaking was probably NOT a good thing to ignore.

So he goes in to the laundry room to find that the washer’s drain hose was disconnected from the wall and emptying water on to the floor. Apparently the water oozed UNDER the wall and right in to the bathroom where our trusty round bathmat soaked it all up.

Freaking awesome, water leaked under our wall. I don’t think that is normal but N assures me it is for a manufactured house. So we sopped up the water and went about our business but not before capturing it for the bloggosphere.

Like I said before, right about moving time (every time) we have some sort of domestic drama that is rental house related.

I don’t know if we are especially needy tenants or if we just have terrible luck with rental homes. Either way we always seem to have some craziness right before our lease I about to expire as I have mentioned in earlier posts.

You may recall the recent the kitchen flood we had then the stove fire and way back in the day we even had a psycho neighbor who was set on making us crazy. I could actually find drama for every rental we have lived in if I felt like going back through my 500+ blog entries. Every place we have ever rented has left us with a drama filled story. It seems the flooding is just the drama for this rental I guess.

Good morning all, got a flood? We do!

Look what we had the pleasure of waking up to in the basement of our rental… It rained most of the night and thank goodness our neighbors warned us about the leaky basement as we were moving it. Apparently our basement has some major leaking issues and today we get to witness them first hand.

Here is a video I tried to make of the madness. You can hear the water squishing in the carpet when someone walks over 9 or 10 foot wide drenched area. The cats and dog are quite concerned about the wetness as are we.

The water is coming from under the storage rack we have in the corner, it is flowing across the floor and right under the wooden bar/ wall and is under the tile behind the bar. No water is going down the drain yet…

The landlords never mentioned it to us but thankfully the next door neighbor did so we have nothing that can really be damaged down there. All the stuff in the flood path is in plastic bins so I am thankful about that but I just can’t believe this is an on-going issue with the house that is yet to be fixed.

Will there be standing water in the basement by tomorrow morning? Should we turn fans on down there to dry it all up or what?

We are just glad none of our stuff is destroyed. We are worried about toxic mold growing in the walls as a result of this insane flooding issue.

So how is the weather in your neck of the woods? Got rain or floods?

We have our RV, check that one of the to-do list!

Our RV is now in our possession! Over the weekend we spent some time cleaning it out and doing some general deep cleaning. We are taking it in to be worked on probably Wednesday and expect it to be done in a week or so.

We got such a screaming deal on the Winnebago! It is from the 70’s and certainly doesn’t look chic but it is in such good condition and was such a great price. N still can’t believe we found an RV for under $2,500, I knew we would and am so glad we snagged it.

I see my house floods & hair dye post got quite the response! Just so you know my mom is just being nice, I do have gray hairs and the occasional cottage cheese on my butt when I am not teaching. Moms just say nice things because they have to… Thanks mom.

Lucky for me I am teaching right now so I’ll be cottage cheese butt free for a while. I am working to choreograph 2 shows right now. It is keeping me busy and it will be some extra cash for the move. Good thing cause we have spent $6,000 so far on this move and we have another $4,000 to go.

Spending $10,000 on a move kind of makes my stomach turn but this is a killer opportunity for us. We’ll just have to scrimp the first few months to pay off the debts we’ve incurred making the move happen. While I am rambling on about the move lets have another look at the countdown!

Holy crap 25 days! N has about 16 working days left and we only have 25 days left in arizona, you are right! Time is a flying!

About Talina

My name is Talina the writer and owner of Harvest of Daily Life, a lifestyle blog. I am a virtual assistant & webmistress, a wife, an animal lover, an addicted gardener, I practice fertility awareness and am very into living life more naturally, I am a product/ service reviewer, a mother of three and a blogger who is always has something on her plate.

This blog was born in January of 2005 but has since evolved quite a bit. In the beginning I was writing motivational articles and informative/ how to articles now I am known to write about almost anything that happens that could amuse, educate or support others in their own life journey. However, the future focus will likely be about how we are sustaining our family via a self sufficient farm life.

Life has dealt us some adventurous cards, that is what makes this blog such a hit. In the past we have enjoyed things like stove fires, house floods, mold growth, near death car trouble, we’ve moved cross country in an RV with 8 pets and 4 people, we’ve almost been attacked by a bear while camping. We’ve even traveled two states away to birth our children in the elusive green minded community, The Farm in Summertown, TN and shared their homebirths here on the blog (See Everly’s Birth Story: Born at The Farm and Adalyn’s Live Streamed Birth). I also had my third child, a son, in and Indiana hospital.

We are jokingly called hippies in polo shirts because we are very eco minded and sustainability focused, basically of the hippy mindset but we don’t look the part. Sustainable living is a major passion of ours and each year we inch closer and closer to living our dream. We have a zoo of pets who keep us on our toes a sprawling urban garden/ homestead in the middle of Evansville, Indiana, backyard chickens, turkeys and we have many more adventures to endure as we inch toward our ideal lifestyle, one homesteading undertaking at a time. One day, someday, we’ll have our own farm. We are farm bound now!

Thank you for visiting my blog and learning more about me! I hope you will bookmark this page or consider subscribing to my feed so you can stay in the know about new posts and adventures.

I try to post often and I really look forward to getting to know my readers through the comments they leave me. If you need to contact me leave a comment or email me with the info below and I’ll do my best to respond. I hope you found what you were looking for today and that you return soon. Have a great day!

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Reflecting on the past then looking forward and planning ahead

There are only 4 months left in this whirlwind of a year! Remember all that madness? Need a recap?

Last August we were living in Flagstaff, AZ and N proposed to me on the top of the San Francisco Peaks. Then we packed up a moving truck, the RV, said goodbye to all our family, friends and we drove cross country in our RV with our zoo of animals. N got a new job and we relocated.

Once we got here we settled in and less than a month later we learned of our surprise pregnancy. We had been trying for almost 2 years before relocating with no success. We were planning our wedding when we discovered I was pregnant, I had just purchased my wedding dress.

Once the pregnancy was confirmed we shared the happy news, postponed our wedding plans and headed to the court house to become legally married (for insurance purposes). Once insured we found out we were expecting a baby girl.

We dealt with a moldy inhabitable rental home, broke our lease and moved to a new home (that we agreed to buy), I was 8 months pregnant. Now our adorable baby girl is here and she’s almost 3 months old.

It truly has been one jam packed year for us. Lots of ups and downs but we ended up way better off than when we started and we’ve achieved just about everything we were aiming to.

Things are finally getting all boring and calm again so we are looking forward and planning ahead now. We only have two major things we are tackling right now.

We are gearing up to apply for a mortgage on the house we are living in right now, we have until April to close on the house or we forfeit all the money we paid upfront when we agreed to the contract sale. Although we would love to close before the end of the year so we can take advantage of the first time home buyers tax incentives.

We also need to get our “good car” repaired so we have a safer ride for Everly. It is back in Arizona so once it’s fixed we’ll need to fly out there and drive it back. We are saving up for this right now. Fixing it is still cheaper than getting under a new car payment, especially since we are getting ready to take on a mortgage.

N is on contract for another 2 years and has yet to see the anchor time he was promised upon accepting the job. Hopefully he’ll be on the anchor desk more in the next two years otherwise…. Well you know the drill.

Exactly one year ago we were looking to the future wondering when engagement, marriage and kids would be in the cards. It is crazy how fast life changes! It’s been a crazy ride so far but I love my life and have everything I could ever want.

Wordless Wednesday: WTF? Edition!!

Why must Jack vomit almost every time he eats? Especially now that we have WHITE carpets?

Perhaps it is because he is apparently swallowing whole pieces of food as opposed to chewing them like every other animal in the world. Yep, those whole bits came right from his stomach!

Nothing like the sound of a cat preparing to vomit waking you from your afternoon pregnancy nap and when you try to quicky move him from the carpet to a vomit safe tiled area. BAM, explosive vomit stream shoots from his mouth and splatters the white carpet. AND, there is not carpet cleaner here for me to clean the mess up with. Double WTF!

Called N and told him to either pick me up so orange dye for the carpet or to bring home some damn carpet cleaner for the explosive vomit mess.

And now I present you with the view of our recently cleaned out basement at the old place.The stuff has been moved out, the carpets are vacuumed and we are just about done cleaning the place-

Wait! WTF is that in the corner? Is the wall leaking again and flooding the basement? I thought it was a dry day today…

Oh, wait. We shouldn’t be surprised. It is just mold, like I’ve been saying all along. Except now we can actually see evidence of it with our own eyes. Big shocker huh?

Notice how it is all pretty and furry it is growing on top of the carpet and up the wood siding? There are black, green and even some gray types all mixed together. Ooo, so enchanting – NOPE!

More like effing disgusting and super bad for the body! Sure mold isn’t a big deal if you can clean it up with some bleach or something. Too bad the mold is growing under and now right on top of totally finished areas that if bleached will look severely destroyed.

It is no wonder N has been draining some major crap from his sinuses since we’ve moved to our new, not toxic house! Now if the slumloards don’t set up a freaking move out inspection with us and take back possession of this shit-hole of a house I am going to get really nasty!

I am talking having all neighbors come over to walk through the house and observe it’s current state, while we video tape the whole thing. Then we’ll call the sheriff and give them the keys to the house with a copy of our video or something. Heck I might even put the walk through video online for the world to see and perhaps I’ll share the address of the house, to warn any future tenants…

Seriously! All I can say is WTF? Okay, I am done now. Happy wordless Wednesday everyone.

Home buying fun in Evansville, IN- sellers are still greedy even when screwed!

Remember all the times I have talked about trying to buy a home on this blog? Well we are still living the first time home buyer saga. Over the weekend we looked at a place here that was a possible option for us, we met a Realtor that was overly eager to make her money and we once again have home buying on the brain.

The main reason we are looking to buy is because of the economic state, it is a buyers market for sure. Houses on the market are in abundance, home prices are falling and lots of people are desperately needing to sell the homes they can no longer afford.

Plus with President Obama it is likely we’ll see some type of housing market stimulus attempt, you know to get people buying again and to turn the market around. We suspect this will be most beneficial for those who have not been sucked in to the subprime mortgage mess and whom have not lost homes or even purchased them to begin with.

We have worked very hard to get money for a down payment in the bank. Thanks to employer sponsored 401K plans and roll over options we now have a decent down payment in an IRA ready for a home purchase, we are very pleased about this.

Now we are looking at our home buying options and considering what is truly in our best interest. Obviously we don’t want to remain in a mold filled rental home especially with a baby on the way so we have reinstated our home buying search.

We are looking at unconventional purchasing options at this time. Things like contract sales and owner carry buying options. We are doing this for credit reasons and also because we know somethings are going to change with the new president in regards to the housing market and financing options.

What cracks me up right now is how delusional sellers and agents are right now, they are still trying to be as greedy and shameless a possible even though the number of sellers clearly outnumbers the number of buyers in Evansville, IN.

The place we saw over the weekend was not spectacular by any means, the basement clearly had flooding issues and there were also structural issues on the 2nd floor. The seller made some crazy offer to us that was just a crock and we just laughed about (I don’t want to bore you with the specifics).

What I am wondering is when will people wake up? We are in a recession and greed just doesn’t work anymore. Seriously you selling me your house is NOT doing me any favors. We can rent forever and just keep making interest off that down payment money in the IRA, it’ll be more saved for retirement or whatever. Or we can buy another house, there isn’t a housing shortage you know.

When you have a buyer that is interested how can you honestly make such laughable requests when YOU are the one that is struggling under 2 mortgage payments YOU can’t make? We aren’t struggling financially to pay for our housing because we didn’t get in to an agreement that was impossible to make good on.

When you get someone who is willing to make your payments for you and help YOU out how can you still be so greedy? I know you really want to make your $50,000 profit off the home sale but which is better taking a profit cut or holding out in greed and risking foreclosure?

What kills me is that so many are honestly willing to loose their homes to foreclosure instead of just cutting their losses, learning from the mistake and just selling for what they can get. Those greedy people make me feel like foreclosure is deserved and that we shouldn’t care about their suffering or bail them out, I mean they did it to themselves right?

I am just a tad angry right now!

Lets see, it has been 18 days since we sent off our rent check and our “we are concerned about mold” letter via certified mail to the landlords. As of today the letter STILL has not been claimed and is sitting at the post office.

N called the landlord over the weekend about it and their response was “well, we’ve been busy and we figured it was returned to you already”. She then said once it was returned to us we could “drop it by some store of theirs” or she could come by and pick it up from us.

Yeah, you are going to have to come by and get it from us since your laziness is not our issue. We sent the letter off to you like we are legally required to and you were too lazy to claim the dang thing, not our issue!

So like I said it has been 18 days since we sent our letter and rent off and the landlord doesn’t seem to have any desire to get it. It is still sitting at the post office and a notice was left at the landlords residence to come claim it.

This raised some questions for us so we looked at county records and found that our landlord owns 38 other houses (not including this one) just within this county. Oh and the house we are living in is worth about $80,000, they are charging us $875 a month and are making killing.

Well no wonder they don’t care about cashing our rent check, they have tons of money coming in from us and other sucker renters! Now N thinks they are acting unresponsive and avoiding our communications because they know they are caught and have wronged us.

Like I said in a previous post, I am fairly certain we have a mold issue just based upon the home’s age and the leaky basement issue. Our basement is finished, here have a look:

I think the electric heater/ fireplace thingy gives the decor age away don’t you?

Then there is the wood siding and the indoor/ outdoor carpet that is water stained from our recent floods.

Check out the green cabinets! Those scream 1970 to me.

So I am wondering… If all the decor and “finishing” in the basement is that old and there is such a big leak issue down there. How many years of mold growth do you think there are? It is kind of scary to think about.

We are certain there is mold growing because we have all had some odd respiratory issues since moving here, including the pets. You know allergies, sinus issues and even bloody noses. Generally nasty stuff!

That is why we sent out the certified letter outlining our concerns about their “lack of disclosure” on the flooding issue. We also mentioned the fact that the moisture from the leaks is impossible for us to fully clean up since the basement is finished and that they need to provide us with a means to clean up the soaked carpet each time the basement floods (aka a carpet cleaning machine or dehumidifier).

Seems like we covered all the bases right? Too bad they have not claimed the letter from the post office and they intend on leaving it unclaimed until the letter is returned to us…

I am not sure what to do next. We did just spend $50.00 on 4 do-it-yourself mold test kits so we’ll have proof of the mold soon but we can’t really afford an attorney to sue them. Is that the only way to take action on this?


Updates: There have been updates regarding this landlord saga, you can see them by checking out the following posts.

  1. Slumloards, credit scores and a prenatal chiropractor [in a pear tree]…
  2. In Indiana breathing mold is okay but home birth is not, just an FYI.

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We trimmed the holiday tree, have you?

Normally we apply for a permit and venture out in to the forest to cut our own tree down, this year since we just barely moved to our new hometown in September we didn’t have time to put in for a permit so we resorted to buying a tree instead.

A local boyscout’s troupe was selling holiday trees just around the corner from our house so we stopped by to check things out on Sunday afternoon. They had quite a selection of various trees in all shapes and colors.

We found a full one that was a greenish/ blue color. This is something we are not used to seeing as in Arizona all the pine trees are a plain green color.

We spent $45.00 on the tree which is funding the boyscout’s trip to Washington D.C and we headed home with our purchase.

After N drilled the hole in the bottom of the tree and got it standing up straight I took a photo of it in the bay window of our rental home. I even hung our new and fun stockings!

The tree came from Michigan and it is pretty! You can’t really see the unique color in the photo because I used the flash and it washed everything out a bit.

Next we hauled the boxes of holiday decorations that we could find up from our flooded basement and we started decorating.

What holiday season is complete without a struggle with burned out and tangled lights? Somehow we have like 4 strands are are dead now, luckily we had enough to decorate the tree…

Once all the found decorations were hung on the tree the cats began playing with the tree skirt and messing it all up. I suppose it is better than them climbing the tree and destroying everything right?

So here is what our finished and decorated tree looks like, we still can’t find the tree topper yet…

Again the flash washed all the color and glimmer out of the shot so I tried a few close up shots of the ornaments to share with you.

Have you started your holiday decorating madness yet? We usualy try to get our tree up as soon as possible since we are so quick to take it down after the holidays. Plus a fresh tree just makes the house smell so amazing!

Digging out the holiday decor and waiting for snow!

We are not venturing from the house this weekend (except to possibly get a x-mas tree). Weekends are crazy traffic wise here and well, we don’t want to deal with crazy consumers and retailers. Instead we are taking care of some errands around the house and are phasing in our boxes of holiday decor as we move the fall decor out.

I am back in bed right now. I got as far as putting some laundry away and straightening a pile of crap in the bedroom then my heart started racing and I felt dizzy so I had to scale it back and rest for a bit…

I still have loads of laundry to do, I need to iron N’s work shirts and vacuum the house but I just feel like I can’t stay productive for as along as I need to. It especially sucks when I get bursts of energy and want to get stuff done but my body isn’t on the same page as my brain.

I really hope I am not having blood sugar issues or blood pressure issues because that will blow my shot at having a low risk birth and I’ll be forced to deliver in a hospital. Something is definitely going on though with my heart racing all the time though. We’ll talk to the doc about in in two weeks at my next prenatal appointment.

Oh and we actually have a shot at some minimal snow accumulation today as a cold front passes through. How exciting for us, we love to be home enjoying the falling snow. Keep your fingers crossed that we’ll actually get some snow here already.

Hopefully the snow doesn’t result in our basement flooding again but if it does we have a certified letter out to the landlord about it and we are ordering a mold analysis for our own information.

So what is on the schedule for your weekend? Hopefully you stay warm and don’t have to deal with crazy shoppers.

OMG, we are actually living in Evansville…

Yesterday was my first day in the new house alone and strangely enough it was weird. Normally I love my alone time, it gives me time to sort things out, do what I need to do and I am just better off after having that alone time. Today I am at a loss, I haven’t been alone for more than 30 minutes in the last 2 weeks and now that I am it is weird…

Yesterday was also N’s first day on the new job, yay! He was on both the 5 & 6pm news and he did a perfect jobs as usual. When he came home he was telling me what the expectations were for him and that people were amazed at his comfort and confidence when he was on the air.

We still are feeling good about making this move and are pleased with our decision. It appears we are living in a great neighborhood, we’ve met many neighbors and they are all so nice! We are just not used to nice friendly people.

The house we are living in is older and has some issues (like major basement flooding when it storms and old 2 prong plugs) but we are happy with it. I am also pretty excited that we’ll actually be living in a house for a whole year as opposed to moving every 6 months. I feel like we can unpack and get comfortable now, crap the holidays are just around the corner!

Oh, the other day when we were picking up our rental car I was again asked when the wedding was (N referred to me as his fiance)… The gal looked at me like I had two heads when I answered “we haven’t set a date yet” and that we would probably be married in a few years. I am feeling the pressure now, we need to start figuring out wedding stuff- I get it!

Plus the HR gal at N work said a domestic partnership for insurance purposes was not an option so now we are trying to decide if we are just going to go get our marriage license now and be legally married on paper so our finances and insurance can be in order even though we haven’t actually had a wedding…

In other news the talk was all about how we were hammered by the remnants of hurricane Ike. It was our “welcome to Indiana” event!

We were without power on Sunday like everyone else in the area but many remain without power and some schools are even canceling class as a result of the situation. I guess the power situtaion continues to impact people and many are even turning to the red cross for shelter and meals as a result of the situation around here. We were fortunate.

I feel good! Are we ahead of the game?

Well, we spent the weekend dealing with yard sale crap and we even devised a little marketing ploy for our sale. N made up a nifty flier and I just posted it all over the internets this morning!

We are fleeing poverty with a view! A well known Flagstaff personality is leaving Arizona… Come buy our stuff and see us off!

This sale will take place on Moenkopi Trail in Kachina Village just south of the Flagstaff airport. July 26th & 27th. Sale starts @ 7am on Saturday and @ 8am on Sunday, come early to get the best selection (but not before 7 please). This is not a “regular yard sale”, we are selling so much more! Buy our stuff so we don’t have to take it with us! Bring your cash and swing on by, we hope to see you there!

The following stuff is up for grabs:
A dresser, Bookshelf, Television, Radio, Singer sewing Machine w/ table, Computer desk, Loads of Men & woman’s clothes, Camping gear, Tents, Gift baskets, Purses, Working washer and Dryer, Stuffed animals, Toys, Kitchen table set w/ chairs, Movies, Music CD’s, Books, Magazines, Live plants, Snow shovel, Holiday decor, garden stuff and much more!

We have one more weekend to get our yard sale crap all gathered and priced. There isn’t too much stuff left to go through! We even compleatly cleaned out our storage unit over the weekend so we can cancel that service and save some money over the next month and a half.

We have almost filled one entire walk in closet with packed, inventoried and sorted boxes… I think we are on box 50 now. Thursday we will have the Winnebago here at the house, we’re picking it up and keeping it here after the mechanical inspection- I am excited! Things are progressing nicely and I am feeling much better about it all today.

A plumber came out yesterday to take a look at our flooding kitchen issue. He claims it was only a loose pipe, he didn’t investigate the “under the foundation” work the other contractor did on Friday. We have no idea if the flooding will return but I have cleared all our stuff from under the sink and now a bucket is down their under the pipe, just in case!

Beer fest in flagstaff and the regular domestic disaster before moving

N got tickets to beer fest through his work and was super excited to go. He is afterall a beer lover/ homebrewer so this event was right up his alley. Me, I am not a fan of beer but I figured getting out of the house and having some alcohol might not be a bad idea. We headed to beer fest at about 4pm yesterday after a super productive morning and afternoon.

The thing about this town is that people are just "different" here. At bars and similar community events people just dress up like it is halloween, maybe I am just out of the loop or something but I think dressing up randomly is kind of odd.

Anyway, people were out dispite the rain. They were dressed in their oddest outfits and ready for some free booze. I figured I would have a little beer and some fun people watching. Here is what I saw:

As you can see, the people watching was very entertaining. We had all sorts of fashion statements going on and I had my trusty camera ready for it all!

I even found a beer I liked at Flagstaff’s made in the shade beer fest 2008! It was Lindeman’s Apple beer, yum! It tasted just like ripe green apples! I need to get me some of this beer for home!

Now, here comes the domestic disaster part of the post. Before I go on I want to point out that we seem to have these disasters before moving… It is like the house is already in chaios so what they heck? Last time we were preparing for a move our stove caught fire, go read it about it…

Are you back now? So our stove didn’t catch fire this time, our kitchen flooded! On friday a contractor came out and worked under our craw space, I guess during the home inspection (remember our rental house sold) they spotted some issue with the plumming or drain that needed to be fixed before the house could close.

So the guy came out to work under the house, there was much banging and then he left. The next day we are showering and then we go out to run errands. Late Saturday night while we are watching p.s. I love you N notices that the kitchen is flooded… He thinks something they worked on is backed up. We still have no idea why or how it flooded, the pipes under the sink are oozing water from the joints- that is all I know. We called the rental office and apparently their emergency maitnence is not as quick or helpful as previous places we have rented, since they still have not returned our call.

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So much chaos and uncertainty in the USA right now *sigh*

I have been following the news of the massive flooding occurring in the Midwest right now since Indiana is a place we may be relocating to. Many people are displaced and have had their homes ravaged by the flooding and storms. Wisconsin, Indiana and Iowa are in a state of emergency as a result of the flooding and the video footage is just heartbreaking to see, houses are just being swept away by raging waters.

In the east people are experiencing a heat wave as temperatures reach triple digits and earthquakes are devastating many in places such as Nevada, California and Greece. I was left thinking “Holy cow, what is going on with the weather” after learning of all the chaos.

Add the weather stress to the economic stress of fast rising gas prices, home foreclosures, layoffs and financial uncertainty and you can pretty much guarantee you know someone who is having a tough time right now. All this craziness is sad and it makes for a hard time for many, thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach and it is surreal.

Rootbeer explosion!!!!

Okay so here is a funny AND very true story:

So N brews his own beer. He decided to try out a batch of root beer for us to try. So it has yeast in it, it sits and ferments creating the carbonation. It was brewed in a one gallon glass bottle/ jar thingy. You know the kind you can buy gallons of beer in at a microbrewery…

He followed all the steps and we tried our first glass. It has a real yeasty taste to it, tasted more like beer than root beer. We didn’t like it very much. Anyway he took it out of the fridge because we didn’t like it and hadn’t planned on drinking anymore of it. It was sitting on the counter, we hadn’t gotten around to dumping it out.

So I was just waking up this morning and was checking my email. I am just sitting at my computer (what happens to be in the dining room in our tiny little 1 bedroom apartment) and there is this huge explosion!! I naturally crouch down and get all scared by the sound. I was hit in the neck by something during the explosion so I immediately reach for my neck to make sure I am not bleeding or cut.

I thought someone had been shooting or throwing things through our living room window. I was so scared to look around but I needed to know what the hell just exploded! I glance at the window and nothing had come through it. Then I hear this dripping and look towards the kitchen…

The one gallon jar of root beer had just completely exploded! Glass shards flew everywhere! I had a welt on my neck from the glass that pelted me in the neck, luckily the glass did not cut me. The explosion broke the kitchen light cover and root beer was dripping from everywhere!! We found glass all the way near the front door, in the bedroom, all over the living room and in the office… Glass flew everywhere.

So yeah it was fun times for me, NOPE. Oh, did I mention we are moving from the small 1 bedroom apartment this week and now in addition to packing and movine we have messy root beer explosion to deal with.

The lesson to be learned: brewing soda in glass is not a good idea. Make boyfriend brew in a room separate from the rest of the house to avoid explosions and floods!

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